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Les 5 Salopards (Fra)


We were at the 2013 Budapest Fives Cup Semi-Final stage and from 18 teams who started the day we were down to the final 4.

The first CupSemi-Final would see Shahs of Sunset versus Team Bear. Both were in unchartered territory in competition and both were one game away from a European Cup Final. The two teams had naturally been on fine form to reach this stage – Team Bear had won 5 games out 6 (with one draw), Shahs of Sunset had won 3 and drawn 3 in their 6 games plus that hugely morale boosting penalty shoot-out win.

Justin Bowen scored the opening goal of the contest in the opening period and Team Bear were on their way to win number 6 of 7. Shahs of Sunset still had time to get back into it but the two teams went into the break 1-0 down. After the break they tried in vain to get the second goal of the game and keep them in the tournament. They'd managed it late on against BBFC1 but the task proved beyond them against Team Bear.

Shahs of Sunset had gone one step further than Valencia are were making progress in tournaments. What price a Cup Final next time out?


So, who would take their place in the Final from the second Semi-Final? The two teams set to do battle were Rigford Seahawks Omega against Les 5 Salopards.

In the early stages there was little to choose between the two teams and we were level at 0-0. The second half continued in a similar vein and remained 0-0 for quite some time before the breakthrough. Alex Harding scored it with his second goal of the day and it looked like Rigford Seahawks would be making the final. It looked even more likely when Chris Jestico made it 2-0. Les 5 Salopards had no substitutes, were tiring and no doubt demoralized after the quick two goals that seemed to have ended their participation in this year's tournament.

Indeed the game finished 2-0 and we had to say au revoir to our friends from France who have already indicated a wish to join us in Berlin next year. We look forward to seeing them then. Rigford Seahawks Omega had more pressing matters….a Cup Final to look forward to.

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