BSP FC first English winners of Amsterdam Fives since 2011

Our event in Amsterdam was our largest event in the Netherlands to date with 18 teams in the Fives and 12 teams in the Sixes (see link below for separate report). In the Fives we had teams from the Belgium, England, Germany,, the Netherlands, Scotland and Spain assembled to grace the tournament. 59 games later, BSP FC emerged victorious to hold the cherished trophy aloft.

Dutch team Vieze Vu finished second as they came very close to a historic double. They had just won the Sixes tournament (playing as Toros) and were minutes away from potentially doing a Fives and Sixes double.

In the Plate competition there was travelling success for SC Sylt of Germany. They lost just 2 of their 8 games and defeated FC Potsdam to collect the winners medals. FC Potsdam were runners-up in the Plate Final for the second year in a row after missing out at the same stage of the 2016 Prague Tournament.

The personal honours were claimed by Alexander Richardson of BSP FC who scored a stunning 22 on the day.


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