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We arrived at the Plate Quarter-Final stage and we would shortly see eight teams reduced to four teams. Turn Down For Watford would meet AC Motxo International. This was the fourth placed team from Group C playing the 5th placed team from Group A.

Turn Down For Watford might consider themselves a tad unlucky not to be in the Cup with their haul of 7 points. Defeat in the first and final games of the group is what ultimately cost them if they had taken just 1 point from those games they would be in the Cup. The fact they were not meant they had a great chance of ending the day with silverware and would be one of the fancied teams to win the Plate.

A team that knew how to win the Plate was AC Motxo International they won the equivalent competition at the 2018 Algarve Open. Here in Spain it was Turn Down For Watford who hit the front. Alex Ayaode finding the perfect time to score his team's first of the day. It gave Turn Down For Watford a 1-0 lead at the break.

AC Motxo International turned the game around in the second half. A 1-0 deficit quickly became a 3-1 lead thanks to Alfonso Martin Ruiz and two goals from Ruben Torres Mejias. Turn Down For Watford were not out of this yet as they reduced arrears to 3-2 courtesy of a Ben Gregory goal.

Time ran out on Turn Down For Watford and they were out. It was a superb win for AC Motxo International though.


The second Quarter-Final saw L'Albiceleste take on The Mavericks as 4th place from Group A would take on 5th Place from Group B.

The Mavericks had drawn a pretty tough group it is fair to say. Cheesecake FC who had a Cup title under their belts could only finish fourth. They now met 3x Cup winners L'Albiceleste in their Plate quarter-final. L'Albiceleste were certainly the strongest team in this Plate by historical achievement in our tournaments and also by points haul today (10).

The Mavericks gave as good as they got in the opening period as the two teams finished level at 0-0. In the end there was just the one goal to separate the two teams. Cyrille Segalini scored it and L'Albiceleste progressed but they were made to work hard for it.

It was a tough debut for The Mavericks today not many teams have made a debut with quite such a difficult fixture list.


Quarter-Final 3 was Cheesecake FC (Eng) versus GAT Assurance (Tun). Cheesecake had qualified for the Cup on 9 of their previous 10 appearances. On the one occasion they didn't qualify for the Cup they did rather well in the Plate they went all they way to the final.

At the 2013 Mallorca Tournament they won their Quarter-Final 3-0 against El A Dees, drew 4-4 with AB Kirby (won on penalties) in the Semi-Final but then lost the Plate Final 3-0 to HaveAgo Heroes.

This was Cheesecake FC's 8 th Quarter-Final tie. They had qualified for the Semi-Finals on 6 of the previous 7 occasions and were unbeaten in normal time in all 7 of those Quarter-Finals. The time they didn't reach the Semi-Finals was the 2015 Lisbon Tournament when they lost on penalties after a 2-2 draw with Melee FC. They had won 5 and drawn 2 of those games.

GAT Assurance were on debut here and so breaking new ground with every game played. They were about to produce a historic performance and inflict a first Quarter-Final defeat on Cheesecake FC. After a 0-0 first half it was a second half strike from Montassar Aguili who secured victory for the men from Tunisia. It was a massive win for them.

For Cheesecake FC it was a funny old tournament they had one 0-0 draw and all other games were won/lost 1-0. They were out for today though with rumours of them joining the Veterans tournament next year. We hope to see you then.


Three Quarter-Finals down, one to go as Alicounty would play Bede FC. With the pre-determined format in these tournaments this was the 3rd Best 3rd placed team versus the best 6th placed team. This can sometimes mean teams from the same group being thrown together. This is what happened here these two teams played in the final round of fixtures in Group B. Alicounty won 4-0 and a repeat would do them just fine.

This was a historic game for Bede FC. It was their 50 th game in history. They had 3 players who had been ever-present in every tour Troy Grant, Muhammad Chilwan and Andy Roberts so we doff our caps to them as they raised their bat to the pavilion.

It was not to be a happy landmark fixture for Bede FC in terms of the result though. Alicounty improved on their result at the end of Group B as 4-0 then became 6-0 here. There were three goals in each half as Mike Meredith and Dom Di Maria (x2) scored before the turnaround. Jamie Roberts, Dan Cooke and Richard Pilcher scored in the second period. Jonathan Croft keeping the clean sheet on this occasion.

Alicounty marched on.

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