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After 58 games of football we came down to the most important of them all. Game 59 The 2019 Alicante Tournament Cup Final.

The two teams set to do battle for the honour and glory of victory were Galacticos (England) versus Atletico San Bas (Spain).

Let's look at the two teams records:

Galacticos (Eng)

Played 7: Won 5, drawn 1, lost 1.

Goal difference: +17 (20-3)

Top goalscorer: Hamza Patel (5)

Unbeaten Run: 6

Clean Sheets: 6

Previous honours: 2010 Valencia Fives Runners-Up, 2018 Lisbon Tournament Runners-Up.

Atletico San Bas (Spa)

Played 7: Won 7, drawn 0, lost 0.

Goal difference: +18 (18-0)

Top goalscorer: Gilen Arrieta Caleada (6)

Unbeaten Run: 7

Clean Sheets: 7

Previous honours: Debut

If you look at a team with 7 wins out of 7 games who were yet to concede in the tournament it is difficult not to make them favourites for the title going into the Cup Final. However, Galacticos were not far apart at all. They lost their opening game but since then had won 5 out of 6 without conceding. The game they didn't win was a draw against a team who had won 3x titles.

This Cup Final would be contested between two very good teams but statistically Atletico San Bas had the edge. Games are won and lost on the pitch though so let's review the game as it got underway.


It was Atletico San Bas who took a first half lead through Alberto Mateo Del Puenite his fourth of the tournament. The two teams changed ends and Galacticos were still very much in it. It only needed one goal to take this to penalties or give them a platform to go and get a winner.

This was a third Cup Final for Galacticos and the hunt for that maiden title was back on when Yaseen Patel equalized for 1-1. For two teams that had 13 clean sheets between them in 14 games this second half then went absolutely wild. There were goals galore, posts and crossbars hit, great saves by both goalkeepers. We had six second half goals but could easily have had twice that as the game really opened up. It was great viewing for the healthy crowd assembled by Pitch A to watch the action.

The third goal of the game was scored by Joaquin Garcia Martin it was his first goal of the tournament and what a time to get it! A double from Javier Manzano Segarra then looked to take the game out of reach from Galacticos. Adam Patel then reduced the deficit to 4-2 and Hamza Patel then hit the bar. If that had gone in for 4-3 we really could have had a thrilling finale.

Angel Gomez Gutierrez made the game safe for Atletico San Bas when he made it 5-2 and that's how we finished. It was a pulsating final and a truly great climax to a wonderful day's action in Alicante.

We offer our consolations to Galacticos for a third time at the end of a Cup Final. Their time surely must come soon but they ran into great team on great form today. Galacticos were absolutely superb in Europe again but would have to settle up for Runners-Up medals in the presentation.

Our congratulations go to Atletico San Bas worthy 2019 Alicante Fives Tournament Champions! As well as team success, Gilen Arrieta Caleada took the individual honours with 6 goals for the top goalscorer prize.

Thank you to all the teams who competed. We hope to see you all again at a tournament very soon.

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