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The 2012 Mallorca Tournament Wooden Spoon Final would see an all English final as John Barnes FC met Vodafone Rangers. Based upon group performances you would probably make Vodafone Rangers favourites due to the higher points tally and a superior goal difference. Don't rule out John Barnes FC though who had a tough group and anything could happen in a one off match.

Following the lunch break both teams had had a little break before getting this match underway so would the rest mean some stiffening of the joints or would it mean a well earned rest for some tired lungs and hearts?

With the Final underway it was first blood to Vodafone Rangers who got the scoring underway through Mohamed Swatti not once but twice and they led 2-0 at the break. In the second half it was hat-trick time for Swatti who made it 3-0 before Matt Skeath grabbed his 3rd and 4th goals of the tournament and there was also a goal for Steve Edinborough

There was no way back for John Barnes FC and Vodafone rangers chalked up a 6-0 victory. Congratulations to Vodafone Rangers, commiserations to John Barnes FC we hope you all enjoyed your tour!

The 2012 Mallorca Tournament Wooden Spoon Winners Vodafone Rangers.


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