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As the 2012 Mallorca Tournament Cup Semi-Finals were about to get underway we were down to the elite 4 teams in the tournament with a strong home challenge from Sportsman Bar, Cosegur Balear and Di Stefano Peluguira plus the final travelling contenders, Cheesecake FC.


First up was Sportsman Bar versus Di Stefano Peluguira as the Group A winners took on the Group B winners. Both teams had hugely impressive records so far with the Sportmans Bar played 6, won 6 with 3 of those wins against former Cup winners and 1 against a former Plate winner. Di Stefano Peluguira had 5 wins out of 6 plus a draw against Inter Women. This was a true clash of the titans meeting.


We expected a close game with little between the sides and that's the way it panned out in the first half with just the goal in it. That goal was claimed by Di Stefano Peluguira's Juan Hernandez Hernandez and they lead 1-0. The second half was a different story though as Di Stefano Peluguira pulled away from their opponents. Daniel Socas Martinez made it 2-0, Juan Hernandez Hernandez made it 3-0 and Raul Toro Hidalgo completed a big 4-0 victory.


Sportsman Bar were out but had shown plenty of talent and if they play in next year's tournament will surely be amongst the favourites. Di Stefano Peluguira were into the Cup Final.


So, who would meet Di Stefano Peluguira in the final? It was Spain's Cosegur Balear versus Cheesecake FC. Cosegur Balear were creating quite a bit of momentum they had a 100% record with 6 wins out of 6, scored 18 and yet to concede. That was the enormity of the task facing Cheesecake FC.


These two teams had met before in the group stage and on that occasion Cheesecake FC had got closer than anyone to getting a result against the Spanish going down by the narrowest of margins, 1-0.


If that game was close, this was one was a bit more convincing and it was Cosegur Balear who emerged victorious. Mark Hignett of Cheesecake FC conceded they were well beaten which was very magnanimous. In the first half Cosegur had opened up a 2-0 lead with Vicente Cedrun Martin scoring twice to take his tournament tally to 6 goals. In the second half there were further goals from Carlos Cruz Gomez and a double from Christian Alforo Sanchez as Cosegur went goal crazy.


Cheesecake FC did have some consolation though and it was that they became the first team in 7 games to breach the Cosegur Balear defence and defeat goalkeeper David Leiva Collado that honour went to Richard Metcalfe.


We sadly had to say goodbye to Cheesecake FC for another season. They remain the best team not to win a tournament in our eyes. In 3 attempts they have succumbed to pretty formidable opposition each time. We look forward to seeing them again next season if we are lucky enough for them to join us and maybe 2013 will be their year.

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