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Tommie's Guns (Eng)

Los Langeros (Ire)




Fireball (Svk)


We were down to the final four teams in our Trophy competition and first up was Ziar Crew versus Tommie's Guns.

Both teams had returned to form in the Quarter-Finals with an 8-0 win for Ziar Crew and 3-0 win for Tommie's Guns. The goal-scoring continued at some pace in this Semi-Final. The goals were flying in from all directions and in all we had 7 (seven) to enjoy in the first half alone. It was pretty even stuff as Ziar Crew edged it 4-3. A MAtej Rapcan hat-trick was largely the reason the Slovakians found themselves ahead along with a Martin Namesny goal. Chris Vernall added his fourth and fifth goals of the tournament and a Luke Materacki strike meant they were pretty unlucky to be trailing at the turnaround.

After the break the pattern continued and there were more goals to enjoy. This time they were flowing in the same direction though as Ziar Crew extended their lead. Filip Sipikal made it 5-3 before Martin Namesny's second of the game virtually sealed matters at 6-3. Tomas Valko rubbed salt in the wounds for 7-3 and Ziar Crew were through to the Final.


So, who would meet Ziar Crew in the Final? Would it be Los Langeros of Ireland or Fireball of Slovakia to guarantee a home winner in the Trophy?

Los Langeros had given their all in the Quarter-Finals and this may possibly have taken its toll going into the Semi-Finals. Fireball had enjoyed an easier run-out with a 4-0 victory and were maybe the fresher team. At half-time there was little between the two teams though as a solitary Jakub Racek goal for Fireball separated the two teams.

After the break the gap between the two teams grew and although Kevin Burke found the net for Los Langeros it was to prove a consolation in a losing cause. Jakub Racek was on the mark again for Fireball, Miroslav Sloboda fired in his seventh and eighth goals of the tournament and Lukas Zivner was also on target to round off a 5-1 win.

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