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We were at the 2014 Mallorca Tournament Veterans Cup Semi-Finals stage and from the 10 teams who started the day we were down to the final 4. There were still 3 different nationalities in with a chance of victory so who would it be? England, Ireland or Spain?

First up was The Blackouts (Ire) against Westfield Wanderers (Eng). The Irish team boasted the best record of all the teams in the Group phase and had yet to concede a goal. Westfield Wanderers also had a fine morning and only had 1 less point than The Blackouts in the group phase and had actually been more free-scoring than the Irish team in the group phase although the Wanderers defence had been more porous (conceding six).

It may well have been the difference in defensive capabilities that settled this as The Blackouts had looked almost impregnable. With the first half drawing to a close they were still on course for a 5 th clean sheet. At the other end though they were still banging the goals in and lead 2-0.

Westfield Wanderers did get on the scoresheet in the second half as Aaron Dix became the first man to score past Noel Holland today. It was Dix's fifth goal of the competition capping a fine day for him. However, The Blackouts continued to score goals at the other end and completed the game as 5-1 winners. There were two goals for Darragh Cox, one for Andy Gilligan and two more for Ronana Gilligan. Ronan Gilligan moved on to 8 for the day and currently lead the Top Goalscorer charts in the Veterans section.

It was the end of the road for Westfield Wanderers today but it was an impressive debut for them especially in the group stages.


So, who would take their place in the Final from the second Semi-Final? The two teams set to do battle were Policia Vets against Palmesanos. One thing was for sure we'd have a Spanish finalist in the tournament.

Policia Vets won our inaugural Mallorca Tournament in 2011. Could they be the first name on the trophy for our first Mallorca Veterans Tournament in 2014? Palmesanos would certainly have something to say. Both teams were unbeaten today and their records were very similar Policia Vets scored 12, conceded 3. Palmesanos scored 13, conceded 2. It would be a brave man to pick the winner here.

At half-time we were no closer to finding out who would play The Blackouts in the Cup Final as we were still level at 0-0. In many of our games the first goal proves crucial but the longer the game stays 0-0 the more important this becomes. The team that dealt the first blow was Palmesanos through Julian Lopez Meija.

At 1-0 Palmesanos had one foot in the Final. When Javier Alodear made it 2-0 they could jump right in with both feet as they secured Semi-Final victory.

We had to say farewell to Policia Vets but we would like to say a special thank you to them. This was our fifth tournament in Mallorca and they have played in every single one we thank them for supporting the tournaments and adding to the tour experience for our travelling teams.

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