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After 56 games of football we came down to the most important of them all….game 57 – The 2014 Mallorca Tournament Cup Final.

All the goals, all the tackles, all the decisions (good and bad), all the sweat and all the effort had lead us to this stage. What a Cup Final we had in prospect! The two teams had arrived here on merit and the crowds had assembled by Pitch A to watch the climax of today's event.

The two teams;

Cheesecake: Played 6 and won 6 today scoring 28 goals along the way. This was their second Cup Final after the 2011 Algarve Open Final versus Atheltico Do Hollande. That final was one of the finest we've ever had but sadly for Cheesecake FC they narrowly missed out. Today, they were looking for that first victory.

Palma Select: Played 6, won 4 and drawn 2 scoring 12 goals and conceding four in the process. Had been steady throughout and claimed important results when it mattered. Although officially representing Spain the team was largely of Bulgarian origin and they would hope to become the third Spanish team in 5 tournaments to win the Mallorca Tournament on one hand and the second Bulgarian winners to lift a trophy (after Lozenetz City won the 2009 Prague Masters and 2010 Manchester Fives).

The game was under way and in the opening few minutes the two teams were testing each other out and the game was pretty even. There was little to choose between the teams and little discernable pattern to the game. That all changed however when Mark Hignett produced a powerful strike into the roof of the net from mid-range to put Cheesecake FC ahead. Hignett, the 2010 Prague Masters top goalscorer, had just netted his third goal of today's tournament. It was 1-0 at half-time.

How would Palma Select respond? Towards the end of the first-half there were signs of tension and tetchiness but in the second half they had regrouped and made a concerted effort bring the game level again. As you would expect from a team trailing in the Cup Final they did most of the pushing and pressing in search of an equalizer. Cheesecake FC were proving very accomplished at soaking up the pressure and then looking for the counter whenever possible.

It was on such a counter-attack that they sealed the victory. A very well worked break between Phil Shaw and Kevin Raphael saw a rapid exchange of passes and with some good movement saw Phil Shaw find space in the Palma Select penalty area to apply the finish. Cheesecake knew, the crowd knew and probably Palma Select knew that this Cup Final was won. It did indeed finish 2-0.

Kevin Raphael picked up the tournament top goalscorer award with his 11 goals in the campaign….the second Cheesecake FC player to win such an award. It gave us great pleasure to present the winners' trophy and medals to Cheesecake FC – thoroughly deserved for their efforts and exploits over recent years. Congratulations to the 2014 Mallorca Tournament Champions!

We offer our consolations to Palma Select who had played superbly on the day and made a great effort in the Cup Final it what was an entertaining game. We hope to see you all again at a tournament very soon.

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