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The 2017 Mallorca Fives Wooden Spoon Final was the battle for 17th position, a consolation prize and one last game to enjoy on these team's Mallorca tour. The game was a derby match between the two Fleet Street Elite squads. It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates.


In terms of results today these two teams had identical records but it was the goal difference that may give a clue to the potential winner of this fixture. The A team were -22 compared to the 1 st team's -13. The A team had actually scored 1 more than their tour-mates but had conceded an extra 10 goals. Slight mitigation for that may be that the A team was in a higher scoring group with 64 goals scored in Group B compared to 47 in Group C (where the 1st team played).


Goals were the order of the day in this final and plenty of them. Chris Guthridge scored early on for Fleet Street Elite 1 and they never really looked back. He made it 2-0 himself before Darren Clarke almost added a third. Chris Cooke did indeed add a third shortly after. 3-0 at half-time.


In the second half goals flowed like last night's beers and it was carnage. Chris Guthridge went on to complete a hat-trick. Darren Clarke scored a hat-trick and Chris Cooke and his second of the game. It wasn't totally one-way traffic as Jamie Rayat bagged a brace for Fleet Street Elite A. It took his tally to the day for 5 a more than respectable personal return. Final score, 8-2.


Congratulations to all at Fleet Street Elite who would collect medals but it was the 1st team who would send up their A team to collect the Wooden Spoon in the presentation. The 1st team would collect the bragging rights for the rest of the tour (and no doubt beyond). It was our pleasure to host you all and we look forward to seeing you again next time.

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