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We were down to our final 4 teams in the Plate competition with 2 teams representing England, 1 representing France and 1 representing the Netherlands..


The first Semi-Final would see Argon'ze taking on Mannenliefde. It could have easily been an all-France or all-Holland semi-final but it was refreshing to see one team from each camp meeting in this semi-final. The two groups were meeting for the ? time in today's tournament. The results so far read:


KML (Hol) 2-0 Ze'Argon (Fra) Group A

FC De Rimmer (Hol) 2-5 Ze'Argon (Fra) Group A

Argon'ze (Fra) 0-2 Het Sterretje (Hol) Group C

Argon'ze (Fra) 3-0 FC De Rimmer (Hol) Plate QF

Ze'Argon (Fra) 1-1* Mannenliefde (Hol) Plate QF (1-2 penalties).


As you can see, it was two wins to France and two to the Netherlands with 1 draw (and the Dutch winning penalties as the tie-breaker). There was very little to choose between the two touring groups. Which team could perform over the next two halves of football to book their place in the final?


It was first blood to Mannenliefde who struck the opening blow through Jeffrey Speek and they lead 1-0 at half-time. In the Quarter-Final they were pegged back but here in the Semi-Final they doubled their lead in the second half. Marijn Beck's strike looked to be putting the Dutch through.


Benjamin Cahart had other ideas though as he reduced the deficit to 2-1. Argon'ze then thought they had an equalizer when a cross from the touchline ran across goal for Vincent Cafiero to convert at the back post. At first it looked like the referee had given the goal raising questions from Mannenliefde, then the referee signaled for a goal kick to raise questions from Argon'ze. It was a difficult call for the referee but from where we were stood it looked to be the correct decision.


It was a great game of football and it was a shame we had to say farewell to Argon'ze. It was great to see them again and we hope they had as good a time in Mallorca this year as they did in Barcelona last year. We hope to see them again soon.


The second Semi-Final was FC Shark versus FC Broxelona B. FC Broxelona B came into the game having dumped out FC Shark's touring comrades, FC Dad. At the 2015 Barcelona Fives and 2016 Riga Tournament, FC Dad had outperformed FC Shark in terms of points from the group phase. In Riga, FC Dad qualified for the Cup to FC Shark's Plate appearance. So, having dumped out FC Dad you may expect FC Broxelona B to continue their progression to the Plate Final.


The caveat to the above assertion is that in Barcelona FC Shark did go one step further in the Trophy competition. FC Shark also looked much stronger today than they had done in Barcelona and Riga. For FC Broxelona B, this was a second Plate Semi-Final in 2 years. They were successful in their first with a 2-1 win over Vilag Valogtott at the 2016 Budapest Fives. Could they be on their way to a second Plate Final?


This proved to be another really good game. Full of goals, action, twists and turns, both teams capable of winning, very competitive and highly entertaining. It was FC Shark who broke the deadlock with a Chris Breen goal. FC Broxelona B were soon level with Jason Ayton evening it up at 1-1. Chris Breen was back in the goals to put FC Shark 2-1 ahead. It was Chris Breen's 7 th goal of the tournament a fine personal return.


With no further goals in the first period, we kicked off the second half with the game delicately poised. The next goal was clearly going to be vital. An FC Broxelona equalizer and game on or breathing space for FC Shark? The next goal would prove to be the final goal of the game and it went to Joe Cridland of FC Shark. His goal capped a fine 3-1 win and a first final awaited them.


There was no way back for FC Broxelona B who'd played well today but just missed out on the cutting edge. Draws held them back in the group phase but we hope they'll be back next year to have another crack at Europe.

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