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Aston Carter FC (Eng)


We arrived at the Plate Quarter-Final stage and we would shortly see eight teams reduced to four teams. Stani's Mates of Hungary and Intermore FC of Ireland. The pre-determined draw meant the 3rd best 3rd placed team would meet the best 6th placed team with the former being Stani's Mates who would be favourites going into this game.

The Hungarian team lived up their billing and forged a 2-0 advantage by the break. The second half was a little one-sided as they ruthlessly advanced on their opponents goal time after time. In the end it finished 7-0 with the chief architect of the win being hat-trick hero Gabor Simon.

Sadly, it was the end of the day for Intermore FC (on the pitch anyway). We looked forward to seeing them at the post-tournament social and hopefully on tour again in the future.


The second Semi-Final saw DYDDFC take on The Spice Boys which was a derby fixture as both teams were drawn from the same travelling group. It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates.

One thing was for sure that this group would have a team in the Semi-Finals and that bragging rights were at stake for the rest of the Budapest tour and beyond. DYDDFC had enjoyed an up and down group phase whereas The Spice Boys had started well with 4 points out of 6 but were on a barren run of three successive defeats so needed to turn this around.

The run looked set to continue as DYDDFC struck first through Stuart Trutch and when Rofff Melville made it 2-0 they had a strong advantage. It was one the Spice Boys were unable to recover from and it was DYDDFC who advanced.


It was England versus Hungary in the third Quarter-Final as Dickie Dogs met Csabagyongye. Given both team's previous history it was a surprise this was a Plate Quarter-Final and not a Cup Quarter-Final with both teams in the Plate for the first time it was also some surprise that Csabagyongye had finished as low as 5th .

The day wasn't getting any better for Csabagyongye in this one either as Peter Grigg's 3rd goal of the day gave the Dickie Dogs the advantage. It was a lead they would hold until half-time.

It was now or never for Csabagyongye if they wanted to continue their participation in the 2012 Budapest Fives. They managed to equalize for 1-1 and get back into it. At the very start of the day they went one down to recover to win 3-1 and history was looking to repeat itself when Csabagyongye made it 2-1.

It was now Dickie Dogs who needed to come back but time was against them and it finished 2-1. The Hungarians were through and we sadly had to say farewell to Dickie Dogs and we hope to see them again next year.


The final Quarter-Final saw a bye as Aston Carter were due to meet Budapest Celtic Pumas. Aston Carter though withdrew from the tournament after a tough morning which saw a 3-0 walkover win for the Pumas.

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