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The first final of the day was the Wooden Spoon Final as the two teams would battle it out for the coveted prize of literally a wooden spoon!

Often the Wooden Spoon Final's provide some of the most entertaining games of our tournaments and this one didn't disappoint. Often it's the carefree attitude of the teams and often the timing of the Final means there are plenty of spectator's cheering the teams on from the sideline creating a cracking atmosphere. It's a chance for teams who have maybe struggled to try and end the day on a high.

The two teams on show were Littleborough FC and Toe Punters. Both teams can consider themselves unlucky to finish in 6 th place in the table in their respective groups. For example, Littleborough FC were up against two previous champions. Toe Punters ran the defending champions close and drew against the group winners their only dropped points.

With the game underway the two teams looked evenly matched but it was Littleborough FC who forged ahead with Josh Douglas claiming the goal. They were sitting pretty at half-time. In the second half Toe Punters hit back as Edouard Hallam levelled with his second goal of the day. Littleborough FC restored their lead as Casey Mush put his side 2-1 up and it proved to be the winning goal.

Littleborough FC were our Wooden Spoon winners today congratulations to them.

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