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After 73 games of football we came down to the most important of them all. Game 74 The 2016 Mallorca Tournament Cup Final.


The two teams set to do battle for the honour and glory of victory were Peluqueria Mariano and Los Pibes. Looking at the stats, there was no question we had the two correct teams in the final based on the overall day's play.


Peluqueria Mariano had won 6 and drawn 1 today. They were actually unbeaten in competition with 12 wins and 2 draws since the 2015 tournament. The only reason they didn't have a title under their belts was due to a penalty shoot-out loss in last years Semi-Final. Could they go all the way this year?


Their opponents Los Pibes has lost their opening game 2-0 but since then had looked formidable. They had 5 wins and 1 draw scoring 26 goals and conceding just 2 since. Both teams were clearly on form and picking a winner was going to be difficult.


With the game underway it was Peluqueria Mariano who wrestled the early initiative from their opponents with two early goals from Carlos Danan and Rafael Ribero who had now scored 18 goals between them today. The men in yellow were well on top and they almost added a third but for some last minute defending by goalkeeper and defender blocking a Rafael Ribero strike on the line. Surely it would've been game over at 3-0?


Los Pibes seemed to weather the early storm and the end of the first half queitened down. If they could get into half-time at 2-0 maybe there was something for them after the break. Peluqueria Mariano were still looking dangerous though and won a corner late in the first half. Carlos Danan got across his marker and met the corner first time to make it 3-0. A killer blow!


In the early stages of the second half you could feel the momentum swinging a little bit towards Los Pibes but Peluqueria Mariano were in the driving seat. The introduction of Mattas Damian De Llano boosted Los Pibes and he started to control the game in the middle. He then scored to reduce the deficit to 3-1. Was a comeback on? Time was against Los Pibes and they were unable to take advantage of a couple of half-chances that would have set up a nervy finish. Peluqueria Mariano saw out the game and when the referee blew his final whistle it would be they who were champions.


Our sincere commiserations to Los Pibes who had come so close to glory but just missed out.


Our congratulations go to Peluqueria Mariano on their first victory which could well be the first of many. There is also congratulations to Miguel Lopez (of Mallorca Look) who finished the tournament top goalscorer with 13 goals!

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