Ecuador 100% successfully defend their Mallorca title!

The 2022 Mallorca Fives kicked off our 16th European tour season on the glorious island of Mallorca.

With blue skies, the sun shining and the beach as a perfect back-drop we had 18 teams representing Ecuador, England, France, Ireland, Poland, Spain and Switzerland competing for the ultimate title. After 60 games of action it was Ecuador 100% who emerged victorious as they defeated Lindfield FC A 3-1 in the Cup Final with some silky skills on display.

In the Plate competition there was travelling success for Bayern Badonde (Eng). They lifted their first silverware in tournament action as they defeated Urbansport '22 thanks to a penalty shoot-out win.

The personal honours were claimed by Stuart Brown of Lindfield FC A who scored 14 on the day.


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