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The 2022 Mallorca Fives Wooden Spoon Final was the battle for 17th position, a consolation prize and one last game to enjoy on these team's Mallorca tour.

The two teams set to compete were Squirrel Squad FC and Lindfield FC C. Even before we kicked off we had a winner in the form of Squirrel Squad FC for sportsmanship. Lindfield FC C were struggling with available fit players but had an A & B team in the competition. Squirrel Squad FC agreed to loan players completing the lineup to allow the game to go ahead. We very much thank you for this.

With the loan signings it makes it tough to compare the group performances to try and predict a winner here but we'll have a go anyway. Squirrel Squad FC were drawn in the proverbial group of death, Group A. As we would later see Group A provided the four finalists in the Cup and Plate with the only team breaking up that dominance being the 2019 champions, Ecuador 100%. Squirrel Squad FC had therefore competed well in this context although it had certainly created some tired legs.

Lindfield FC were the 18th ranked of the teams in the group phase courtesy of their goal difference they would come into the game on a high having scored their first goal of the tournament with their last kick of the group phase. Bolstered by squad conditions they went on to win this game. With two goals in each half Lindfield FC ran out 4-0 winners. It was tough on Squirrel Squad FC whose sportsmanship came back to bite them but that's exactly the spirit of what these tournaments are all about.

Congratulations to all at Lindfield FC C who would collect the Wooden Spoon in the presentation. We thank both teams, it was our pleasure to host both of you and we look forward to seeing you again next time.


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