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We were down to our final 4 teams in the Plate competition. The first Semi-Final would see Hellgarve Kraken's versus Athletico Armada. This promised to be a high quality encounter Hellgarve Kraken's were unbeaten in 6 games since they lost the opener 1-0 to Indoorsoccer Café O Trem. Since then they had won 4 and drawn 2 with 15 goals scored and just 3 conceded.

Athletico Armada's form had been more patchy but a lot of that comes down to the order of the fixtures. Overall today they had won 4 and lost 3 with 15 goals score and 15 conceded. So, they had both won the same number of games and scored the same number of goals. Defensively, the stats showed the Portuguese may have the edge.

Athletico Armada certainly put up a good fight and this was a very closely contested game. There was one man who ultimately proved to be the difference between the two teams and that man was Hugo Dias. He fired in both goals as the team from the Algarve progressed to the final, 2-0.

Athletico Armada were out but their sister squad Sporting Armada were still in with a chance of some silverware in the following Semi-Final.


Whilst Athletico Armada were in the process of going out on Pitch 1. Simultaneously, Sporting Armada were making their bid to reach the Plate Final against Missing Magpies on Pitch 2.

These two teams had met earlier in the day and played out a 1-1 draw. If we had a repeat of that score here then a penalty shoot-out would be required to separate the two teams.

Missing Magpies knock-out record had seen them knocked out at the Cup Quarter-Final stage twice. They had also reached 1 Cup Semi-Final where they lost to El A Dees (2012 Amsterdam Fives) and 1 Plate Semi-Final where they lost to Naranjitos (2014 Barcelona Fives). Could it be third time lucky to reach that maiden final?

Sporting Armada were on debut so breaking new ground with every step and it was they who took the first step forward towards the Plate Final. Harry Tampsett was his team's top goalscorer so far today and he took his tally to 7 goals as he gave Sporting Armada a 1-0 lead. He had also scored in the group phase fixture against Missing Magpies.

We would not get a repeat of that 1-1 scoreline though as Ethan McCreight made it 2-0. It was his fourth goal in two games at the business end of the tournament.

There was to be no further addition to the score as Sporting Armada completed safe passage through to a debut final.

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