AC Mazi 1996 secure victory for Greece at 2018 Barcelona Fives!

At the 2018 Barcelona Fives we had 25 teams from England, France, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain signed up to do battle for the honour of victory. We reached the Cup Semi-Finals with 4 nations still in with a chance of glory - France, Greece, Lithuania and Spain. We said goodbye to France and Spain at this stage to leave us with our first ever Greece v Lithuania Cup Final.

After the final shake up it was Greece's AC Mazi 1996 who were victorious after a 2-1 victory over LT United. Huge conratulations to our winners - the first team from Greece to win one of our events.

In the Plate competition, CTMB Pumas stormed to a stunning Plate victory. The Trophy saw Rain Draons victorious. Both of those finals saw Retainers Academy and Jackson's Five (from the same travelling group) pick up runners-up medals.

Personal honours went to Greece's Thanasaj Laerto who scored a stunning 18 goals on the day. Very well done to him.

A big thank you to all teams for what was a superb weekend. See you all soon.


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