Sao Marcos (Por)




Valejas A.C (Por)

Funsport B (Por)




St Pauls College OB (Eng)


The first Semi-Final in the 2013 Lisbon Veterans Tournament would be contested by the teams finishing 1st and 4th respectively in the group table. Please step forward Sao Marcos and Valejas A.C.


Sao Marcos were favourites and had it all to lose. Valejas A.C, having finished the group with 8 less points, had nothing to lose and all to gain. Sao Marcos had won the corresponding fixture in the group 4-0. They matched that feat in this game….in the first half alone. They didn't really need any help but an own goal set Sao Marcos on their way. It was followed up by goals from Marcolino David, Joaquim Rijo and Humberto.


Valejas A.C pulled a goal back after the break as Francisco Valente opened his account for the day but it was merely a consolation as Joaquim Rijo, Helder Saraiva and even the goalkeeper added to the total. Final score, 7-1.


The second Semi-Final would be between the teams finishing 2 nd and 3 rd in the group table which was Funsport B and St Paul's College Old Boys.


When they recently met we suggested the winners would hold the psychological advantage and that was Funsport B, 3-1. The group game proved pretty prophetic as history was repeated and the Semi-Final finished with the exact same scoreline. It was two goals from Eduardo Borges that did the damage with a further strike from Rui Lopez. The goal from Andrew Sprosen for St Paul's College Old Boys was not enough on this occasion.


We had to say goodbye to St Paul's College Old Boys – they'd made a memorable debut in our events and it was a pleasure to see them not only at the tournament but in the bars of Lisbon too. Until next time…

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