Csabagyongye (Hun)




Groundforce Lisboa (Por)

FC Dynamoes (Eng)




Lads of Lisboa (Eng)


We were into the knock-out stages and Plate Semi-Final time. The first Semi-Final would be played by Csabagyongye (Hun) and Groundforce Lisboa (Por). The two teams had similar records 2 wins, 3 defeats and both teams had to win their last group game to reach this stage. On paper, nothing between them.


Groundforce Lisboa were on debut but Csabagyongye had been here before. They've reached two Semi-Finals. One a Cup Semi-Final in 2011 which they lost on penalties and one Plate Semi-Final in the 2012 Budapest Fives which they won 3-2 before going on to win the Final. They knew how to win, could they do it here?


Groundforce Lisboa opened the scoring in the first half as Pedro Mendes found the net to make it 1-0. It was a 1-0 lead they were to hold until half-time. The Hungarian team would need to draw on their experience now to turn this one around but it didn't look good when Nuno Guerra made it 2-0.


When Paulo Rogurges made it 3-0 the game was over and Groundforce Lisboa had safe passage into the Final. The tournament was over for Csabagyongye who we will now see in two weeks' time in Budapest for their 5th adventure.


The second Semi-Final was FC Dynamoes versus Lads of Lisboa and would guarantee an English team in the Final. FC Dyanmoes would have been disappointed not to be in the Cup competition and if we ran a betting kiosk at the tournaments we are sure they would have been the favourites to lift the Plate Trophy.


That is no disrespect to their opposition who had started the tournament like a train with a comprehensive victory, secured qualification in Round 4 and then ran a Cup team close in the last group game.


Another factor to consider in making FC Dynamoes favourites for the overall Plate competition was the goals of Jon Stead. He had 11 to date and lead the Top Goalscorer charts by 1. In this game he all but guaranteed the award. There was two goals in the first half that put FC Dynamoes on their way.


The Lads of Lisboa had it all to do and by chasing the game were bound to leave gaps at the back Stead took advantage for his fourth hat-trick of the tournament adding a 3rd and 4th before being subbed. Presumably to rest him for the Final rather than a reflection on his ability!


Dynamoes added a 5th and 6th through Michael Cox and Russell Marsden to rub salt in the Lads of Lisboa wounds. It was a harsh way to go out having offered so much throughout the day and adding much to the tournament. It was a pleasure to meet the Lads of Lisboa on debut and hope there are more European campaigns from them in the future.

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