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We were at the 2016 Krakow Trophy Cup Semi-Final stage and from 18 teams who started the day we were down to the final 4. Before the Quarter-Finals we had 5 nationalities vying for glory having lost teams from the Czech Rep, Italy and Slovakia there was now just 2 nations looking for glory with 1 Polish team and 3 from England still harbouring hopes of success!


Up first were not only two teams from England but two teams from the same group Spider Mans & Great Hawk versus Spider Mans & Great Hawk. It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates. In this one there was clearly a strong desire from both teams but it was played in a friendly atmosphere and maybe did lack some of the spark that you would expect if these two teams were playing a team from outside their tour party.


That said, it was Spider Mans & Eagle who took the early initiative as Justin Shelley struck first. Liam Stevens then made it 2-0 and the Eagles squad were almost in a first Cup Final.


12 months ago Spider Mans & Eagle missed out 3-1 at this stage to CIS Committee at the Budapest Fives. A year on and on the fields of Krakow it looked certain they would be going one stage further when Nick McIntosh made it 3-0. There was to be no further score and that Cup Final place beckoned no doubt cheered on by the men they had just defeated to get there.


So, who would take their place in the Final from the second Semi-Final? The two teams set to do battle were Tinniedad & Tobacco against Nowa Huta Team?


These two teams had reached this stage in very different fashions. Tinniedad & Tobacco had stormed into the Semi-Finals with a stunning 9-0 win whilst Nowa Huta Team had a monumental tussle with GSF Drunkerz and reached the Semi-Finals courtesy of penalties. This promised to be an equally gripping and tight encounter for the Polish team.


Tinniedad & Tobacco looked to continue where they left off against DHL Prague and when Jon McKinley made it 1-0 it was now 10 goals without reply for the English team. That was to change though when Janczyk equalized for Nowa Huta Team. The score remained at 1-1 until half-time.


Nowa Huta Team were Poland's last hope of success in this tournament but those hopes drifted a little when Matt Haythorn's second goal in as many games restored the lead for Tinniedad & Tobacco. There was a little breathing space for the English team when Jon McKinley made it 3-1. Nowa Huta Team ensured Tinniedad & Tobacco would not be able to relax in the final stages as Alek reduced the deficit to 3-2.


Tinniedad & Tobacco had conceded a last minute equalizer in each of their previous two Cup Semi-Finals before going out on penalties. Would this play on their minds and lead to a nervous finale? In the final stages of the game and with the final touch of the game Michael Wilkes put the game to bed at 4-2. Tinniedad & Tobacco did not have it all their own way but they were through to the Cup Final.

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