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For the tenth time in eurofootballfives.com history we had a Trophy competition to supplement our traditional Cup and Plate competitions. This was the first time we had a 32-team event to go with 6 x 24-team event and 3 x 25-team events we have had across our destinations over recent seasons. This represented a great opportunity for the teams finishing 5th and 6th in the group phase to turn their fortunes around and walk away with a trophy.

The two teams that would get us going were Ealing Expendables versus Rapid Bosco Navas both experienced teams on the eurofootballfives.com scene. Such was the competition on show here today, both teams were used to competing at the higher Cup and Plate level but both had to settle for the Trophy this year. Ealing Expendables had a Cup appearance at the 2014 Valencia Fives and a Plate appearance at the 2015 Lisbon Tournament. Rapid Bosco Navas had 8 previous appearances in the Cup plus 1 each in the Plate and Trophy. They were Cup winners here in 2008 and Runners-Up in 2011.

On the pitch in today's Quarter-Final it was Ealing Expendables who kept their day going. One goal was enough to win it Ryan Casey the man to score it. It meant Ealing Expendables had won all 3 of their Quarter-Finals in our tournaments.


We continued the Trophy Quarter-Final action on Pitch B as Argon'ze took on Bolivar. It was the 5th placed team from Group C taking on the 6th placed team from Group D.

Bolivar will have fond memories of the Trophy at the Barcelona Fives. Last year they enjoyed a 4-1 Quarter-Final over Dynamo Fucdarest 1, a 3-0 win over FC Sharks and a 3-0 win over FC Atwood to collect the winner's trophy and medals. They scored 10 goals and conceded just 1 at the business end of the tournament.

Argon'ze had a mixed set of results this morning with 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats but they finished the group phase strongly with two 1-0 wins in succession so they would be looking to carry that momentum into this game.

It was Bolivar however who took the early lead. Diego Medina Mauricio scored in their final group game and he added two more to his tally at the start of this one. Argon'ze were back in at 2-1 when Vincent Cafiero scored his second of the tournament.

The next goal was likely to be pivotal Ramires Arnez Jimenez scored it to make it 3-1 to Bolivar. Jonathan Donaire then made it 4-1 to kill the game off and Argon'ze were out. We had to say farewell to our French friends and we hoped they enjoyed their experience at the 2016 Barcelona Fives.


On Pitch C it was Telferscot FC versus Giggs Boson FC.

The first thing to note is that both teams were on debut and both had safely navigated the group phase to qualify for the knock-out phase so congratulations on getting this far. The teams were just two wins from a European final and three wins from taking a trophy on the plane journey home.

Telferscot FC had a record this morning of 2 wins and 2 draws on their way to 8 points as they finished in 5th place in Group B. Giggs Boson had started well with 2 wins but had since suffered five defeats on the bounce as they collected 6 points. Both teams had a goal difference of -3 over the course of their seven group games. On paper, this promised to be a tight affair.

It was Giggs Boson who struck first and they will have been relieved to have been in front again as they looked to regain their early tournament prowess. Conor Lawson was the man to give them the advantage. Will Davis then gave Giggs Boson a bit of breathing space as he made it 2-0. The game was then safe when Will Davis grabbed his second of the game to make it 3-0. At the back Giggs Boson secured their second clean sheet of the day and their first since the opening game. They were through.

Telferscot FC's participation at the 2016 Barcelona Fives was over in a playing sense. They could now relax and watch the rest of the action unfold (no doubt with a cold beer in hand).


Last but not least was Shahs of Sunset against Beercalona.

We've mentioned before but we'll say it again that the overall quality at the 2016 Barcelona Fives was pretty high. As testimony to that we had three previous winners in the draw and not one qualified for the Cup. We had teams that were used to playing in the Cup reaching the Plate and teams used to reaching the Plate now playing in the Trophy. Shahs of Sunset were one such team.

In their previous 5 tournaments they had reached the Cup three times and the Plate twice. They had a pretty good record in Quarter-Finals they were unbeaten. They progressed on four of those previous five occasions. Only a 3-2 penalty shoot-out defeat after a 2-2 draw with Mestallaban on their debut at the 2011 Valencia Fives prevented the perfect record. It is worth noting that Mestallaban were from Ireland the same as Beercalona who were their opponents here.

Beercalona could boast 2 wins and 1 draw in their group compared to the 3 wins for the Shahs of Sunset. Beercalona were -3 over their 7 games compared to Shahs of Sunset who were -6.

Shahs of Sunset finished their group strongly with two successive wins and continued their momentum into this fixture. Anes Jusic was on fire in the goal-scoring stakes with 5 goals already today and he was the man who provided the winner in this fixture. The game finished 1-0 and Shahs of Sunset extended their proud Quarter-Final record.

We'd like to offer our thanks to Jim Stephenson for organizing his troops and bringing the Beercalona and Real Sosobad sqauds to the Barcelona Fives. It was a pleasure to host you and we trust you had a great tour weekend.

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