Bolivar (Spa)




Giggs Boson FC (Eng)

* Bolivar (Spa) won 2-1 on penalties.


Our tenth ever Trophy Final now awaited us and we had been treated to some superb Finals before.

The first ever Trophy Final in history took place in Berlin 2012 and was a dramatic affair as Hertha Beerlin versus FC Cobaltslautern went all the way to penalties. In Valencia 2012, Sporting Abeergut held off a late rally from FC Dad to win it 3-2. At the 2013 Barcelona Fives we needed another penalty shoot-out as Spain's Drunk Perfect and Ireland's Deportivo Dooradoyle drew 1-1. The Irish team then won 2-1 on penalties. At the 2014 Budapest Fives, Contejus Hurricanes (with a man sent off) held on to a close 2-1 win over Cava Sundays.

They had all been close affairs until 2014 when we saw Ziar Crew beat Fireball 5-1 in Bratislava and El Combe Old Boys beat SV Zoo 5-0 in Barcelona.

Since then we have had a 1-1 draw in the 2015 Lisbon Tournament before Frank Hirth A defeated Red Cow Belgrade 3-1 on penalties. Last year here in Barcelona, Bolivas (playing as Equipo de Christian) defeat 3-0 FC Atwood. The most recent Trophy Final was just last month at the 2016 Riga Tournament where Aliance defeat FC Maroon on penalties (3-2) after a 0-0 draw.

The stage was now set for Bolivar and Giggs Boson FC to set their own little piece of history. Bolivar were looking to make history by becoming the first team to retain a Trophy title and in the process the first team to win 2 Trophy titles. They also had a stunning record of 5 wins in 5 games at this level. In those 5 games they had scored 16 goals and conceded just 2. Giggs Boson FC had a formidable task ahead of them!

Bolivar it was who took the lead and the script was set for them. However, Giggs Boson FC had other ideas. They had shown in the Semi-Final how resilient they were by coming from behind twice and they did it again here with Will Davis's 8th strike of the tournament. The match finished level at 1-1 in normal time. A penalty shoot-out would be required for the fifth time in ten Trophy finals.


Giggs Boson FC would take the first penalty and it was Matt Hosier who stepped forward. He scored twice in the tournament today and struck his penalty hard and low to the left-hand corner but J Gabriel Pariague Torrico stuck out a foot to make the save. Sam Lock was the man in goal for Giggs Boson for the shoot-out and he would need to prevent Diego Medina Mauricio from scoring to preserve parity but the Spanish player put it to his right and gave Bolivar the advantage.

Up next for Giggs Boson was their #9 with 8 goals today including the equalizer in this game that brought us to penalties. Realistically he had to score and he did – put's it to the goalkeeper's left and just inside the post. Jonathan Donaire was next up for Bolivar and he put the ball into the top right hand corner to make it 2-1.

It was do or die time now for Giggs Boson – miss and it was all over. Anthony Long made the walk towards the penalty spot to face J Gabriel Pariague Torrico. The ball was struck low and central and Torrico saved it with his own “penalty box”. As a result, Torrico may never be able to bear children but his save had earned Bolivar the Trophy victory for the second year in a row. A great achievement.

Our commiserations go to Giggs Boson FC who gave it a real go and went on to collect Runners Up medals. We look forward to seeing them return to action in the future and maybe the medals they pick up will be of the winning variety next time.

For today though, we present you the 2016 Barcelona Fives Trophy Winners – many congratulations to Bolivar.

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