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After 35 games of football we came down to the big one. Game 36 The 2022 Amsterdam Sixes Cup Final.

The two teams set to do battle for the honour and glory of victory represented England and the Netherlands. It was Ball Bashers versus Humble Goats. Humble Goats were bidding to become the first Dutch team to win this title since 2017 when Toros lifted the inaugural title. Ball Bashers were aiming to make it consecutive wins for England following on from Kavlow's win here in 2019.

Let's have a look at the two team's record to preview the action:

Ball Bashers (Eng)

Best appearance to date: Debut

Record today: Played 6, Won 5, Drawn 0, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 15-4

Current unbeaten run: 4 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Mati Ortiz (7)

Clean sheets: 3

Most clean sheets in the tournament.

Best defence in the tournament.

Humble Goats (Hol)

Best appearance to date: 2022 Amsterdam Sevens winners.

Record today: Played 6, Won 2, Drawn 3, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 20-8

Current unbeaten run: 5 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Deyae El Kanfoudi (4)

Clean sheets: 1

Best goal difference in the tournament +12.

Top scorers in the tournament (20)

So, those are the facts and figures where's your money?

If you look at the statistics you could well argue this might be the team with the defensive stats against the team with the best attacking stats. Humble Goats were a very difficult team to beat though with just 1 defeat in 13 previous eurofootballfives games. Remarkably in the knockout phase they had drawn ever single game (3) and won each of them in penalties. This seemed to be a clear indication that Ball Bashers needed to win this in normal time.


With the game underway it was Ball Bashers who struck first. Mati Ortiz bagged his eighth of the tournament to give his side a vital first half lead. It was a lead they were to maintain until half-time. The pressure was now all on Humble Goats. The Dutch team came from behind twice in the semi-final versus RAF so Ball Bashers could not relax. Ball Bashers seemed content to soak up pressure in the second half and take chances if a counter-attack arose. Humble Goats had most of the possession and territory but they were finding it difficult to create clear cut chances. Midway through the second half Ball Bashers were started asking the referee how long was left was this a sign of tiredness or psychology? As time ticked on Humble Goats continued to build pressure but Matt Brand was relatively untroubled in the Ball Bashers goal as the defensive effort ahead of him did his job. When the full-time whistle did blow, it was still 1-0 to Ball Bashers. They'd done it a superb victory.

We offer our consolations to Humble Goats who were absolutely superb on the day and put in a stunning effort. They were so close to completing a second title in 2 weeks (which would have been a record).

Our congratulations go to Ball Bashers 2022 Amsterdam Sixes Champions! It was a great victory and a sensational way for them to announce themselves on the scene. They were worthy winners and produced a stunning Cup Final performance to crown a great day's play.

Thank you to all the teams who competed. We hope to see you all again at another tournament very soon.

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