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Skidmarks (Eng)

* Melee FC (Eng) won 1-0 on penalties.


After 58 games of football we came down to the most important of them all. Game 59 The 2018 Amsterdam Fives Cup Final.

The two teams set to do battle for the honour and glory of victory were both representing England. It was Melee FC versus Skidmarks. The two teams were bidding to become the sixth English winner of this tournament.

Let's have a look at the two team's record to preview the action:

Melee FC

Unbeaten in 7 games won 6, drawn 1.

Best goal difference in the tournament +19.

Top scoring team with 26 goals.

2nd best defence with just 7 goals conceded.

Appearing in third Cup Final.

Seeking first title.


Won 5, drawn 1, lost 1.

Best defence in the tournament with just 6 goals conceded.

Fifth best goal difference in the tournament +7

Appearing in fifth Cup Final.

Seeking third title.

Previouly won the 2011 Valencia Fives and 2012 Krakow Trophy.

So, those are the facts and figures where's your money?

This tournament had been characterized by goals aplenty (average of over 4.5 per game) but we had the best two defences on show here so maybe this would be a little different. Having said that, we had the tournament top scorers in Melee FC so if anyone could beat that Skidmarks defence it could well be them.

As it happened goals were conspicuous by their absence. We had two top quality goalkeepers on show in the form of Paul Mulvey (Skidmarks) and Fabio Zucchelli (Melee FC) and with the able assistance of their defenders they thwarted everything that was thrown at them. Skidmarks probably had the better of the chances of breaking the deadlock but we reached the full-time whistle with the teams locked together at 0-0. The Cup Final would be decided by a penalty shoot-out.


Skidmarks had a superb record in shoot-outs in our tournaments. They had won 5 out of 6 including one in the Quarter-Finals today so they were primed and ready to go. Melee FC would not have such fond memories of spot kicks. They had won their first two in competition (2014 Amsterdam Fives, 2015 Lisbon Tournament) but lost their most recent two (2016 Riga Tournament, 2017 Mallorca Tournament).

Iain Congdon would strike first for Skidmarks but he dragged his penalty wide left and it was advantage Melee FC. David Stothard was up first for his team he struck his penalty to the left as Paul Mulvey dived to his right and it was 1-0 to Melee FC.

Ashley Britten was up next for Skidmarks. He went down the middle as Zucchelli dived to his right. The goalkeeper's trailing leg kept out the penalty and Melee FC were now well on top. Kevin Lewis had the chance to win it for Melee FC. With 7 goals in the tournament the penalty was almost a replica of the previous one. Paul Mulvey's outstretched leg keeping his team in it. Neil Taylor was the next man up and it was another fine save for Zucchelli. What a performance from the Melee FC goalkeeper.

We offer our consolations to Skidmarks who were absolutely superb yet again and put in a stunning effort. They were so close to completing that third title.

Our congratulations go to Melee FC 2018 Amsterdam Fives Champions! It was a great victory that had been 6 years in the making since their debut Cup Final all the way back at the 2013 Barcelona Fives.

If you look at the goals scored and their goal difference it is hard to argue they were not worthy champions today!

Thank you to all the teams who competed. We hope to see you all again at another tournament very soon.

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