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Karma FC (Eng)

* Karma FC won via Golden Goal.


So who would claim the Wooden Spoon in the 2011 Valencia Fives?


The teams doing battle were Chase Terrace Rangers against Karma FC. 12 months ago Karma FC contested the Plate Final and were defeated on that occasion. Could they get some manor of revenge this time by claiming the little wooden spoon. They were also the sister squad of Triple D so there was a fair chance they were up for some revenge on Chase Terrace Rangers for knocking their club mates out and preventing a Triple D/Karma FC derby.


The Wooden Spoon Semi-Final had proved a very tight affair going all the way to penalties and the Final was proving just as close. At full time the teams were level at 1-1 thanks to goals from Adam Green (Chase Terrace Rangers) and Jason Carr (Karma FC). Once again in the Wooden Spoon we were into Golden Goal extra time and potentially penalties.


Penalties would not be needed though as we witnessed a Golden Goal. The decisive blow was struck by Ian Mansley and it was Karma FC who were victorious.


The 2011 Valencia Fives Wooden Spoon Winners Karma FC.

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