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The first semi-final was always going to be an epic tie between two top quality teams with fantastic goal scoring records. Rollert FS and Skidmarks both featured men with 10 tournament goals Alex for Rollert FS and Luke Hatfield for Skidmarks. The battle between these two men for the top goalscorer award provided a nice subplot for the game.

We expected goals in this Semi-Final especially as Skidmarks were averaging more than 5 goals per game. With such a keenly contested Semi-Final the game was a bit tighter and the goals were not as plentiful but there was still plenty of forward talent on show. The teams entered half-time level at 1-1 and if you fancied a cheeky flutter on who scored the goals then you would have been quids in. You guessed it it was Alex 1-1 Hatfield.

We are sure both these men will point to a team effort but it was hard to ignore the goalscoring battle. With both men now on 11 goals who would be first to a deadly dozen and put their side into the 2011 Valencia Fives Final? It was Luke Hatfield who got his 12 th in 6 games and put Skidmarks 2-1 up.

That's the way it finished and Skidmarks had one more game to prepare for. Rollert FS's day was over but they had made a great contribution to the tournament.


The second Cup Semi-Final was between Lozenetz City and Los de Casa with both teams bidding to make their first final.

Lozenetz City were on a run of 5 successive victories and hoping to make that 6. A game against the defending champions determined to hold on to their crown would surely be their most difficult test yet.

It was a fiery contest between two committed teams. This match was certainly not a friendly and there was some tasty challenges going in and if Los de Casa wanted to upset the Bulgarian team's rhythm as part of their tactics it was working. Lozenetz City just wanted to get the ball and play but they were not allowed to. When Los de Casa went ahead through Alejandro the task for Lozenetz City became very difficult.

They went behind in the Quarter-Finals but had plenty of time to recover. They still had time in this one but not as much of it and time was largely against them. An unsavoury incident with a couple of minutes to go should have seen a Los de Casa red card for a late challenge on the Lozenetz goalkeeper but nothing was given. Lozenetz were rightly aggrieved and with Los de Casa down to 4 they could well have snatched an equalizer to take the game into extra time. It didn't happen though and Los de Casa advanced 1-0.

It was farewell to Lozenetz City who were naturally disappointed at their exit. We look forward to seeing them in action again in 2012.

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