Big Time Krakow (Pol)




Fabryka Zielini (Pol)

* Big Time Krakow (Pol) won 3-2 on penalties.

It was Cup Final time in Portugal. After 51 games of football we came down to the most important of them all. Game 52, the match that would determine the 2019 Gdansk Tournament champions. Who would take over from Northern Town (Eng) as the tournament holders?

This is how we lined-up:

Fabryka Zieleni (Pol)

Best appearance to date: 2018 Gdansk Tournament Runners-Up

Record today: Played 7, Won 7, Drawn 0, Lost 0.

Goal difference today: 31-7

Current unbeaten run: 15 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Lukasz Abryszinski (15)

Clean sheets: 2

Big Time Krakow (Pol)

Best appearance to date: 2017 Krakow Trophy Champions

Record today: Played 7, Won 6, Drawn 0, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 27-7

Current unbeaten run: 3 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Daniel Tonev (8)

Clean sheets: 3

These two teams had met earlier today in Group B and on that occasion it was Fabryka Zieleni who were victorious, 4-1. A repeat would clearly be just what the doctor ordered for Fabryka Zieleni. Could Big Time Krakow exact their revenge though?


The game itself was played with a great atmosphere as the other teams all assembled pitch-side to watch the show-piece game of the day. The game ebbed and flowed with both teams trying to attack. Both teams created chances but they were half-chances. The game was 0-0 for long periods and 3 minutes to go there was still no score.

Then a moment of magic from Alex Herrera produce a really good finish from a tight angle to put Big Time Krakow 1-0 up. With just a couple of minutes left on the clock it looked like Big Time Krakow were on their way to a second title. It is a cliché to say you are vulnerable just after you scored and that proved to be the case as Lukasz Abryszinski scored his 16 th goal of the tournament. It was his 30 th goal in competition.

The game finished 1-1 and we would need penalties to decide the title.

This could be interesting as both teams were in their second Cup Final. Big Time Krakow won theirs on penalties. Fabryka Zieleni lost theirs on penalties.

Fabryka Zieleni would have the honour of taking the first penalty. Up stepped Lukasz Abryszinski with 16 goals in the tournament and he scored in the shoot-out last year. This time though he struck the post and the early initiative swung to Big Time Krakow. Stanomir Ribarov stepped up first for his team and struck it down the middle, it hit Igor Koda in goal for Fabryka Zieleni but had enough power on it to make it 1-0.

The pressure was on Mateusz Janowski who placed it to his bottom right, the goalkeeper's bottom left and converted for 1-1. Jeoffrey Cottens was the next man up for Big Time Krakow. He struck it to the bottom right and Igor Koda got a hand to it again. Again, he couldn't quite keep it out and it was 2-1 to Big Time Krakow.

Dariusz Frost missed his penalty in the Cup Final last year and he couldn't afford to miss another. He made no mistake as he struck it hard into the roof of the net for 2-2. It meant Carlos Diaz Bedmar was charged with winning it for Big Time Krakow. He went low to the right. Igor Koda couldn't get to it and the net rippled.

Big Time Krakow scored 10 out of 11 penalties at the 2017 Krakow Trophy. They scored all 3 today in this final and could now celebrate as champions.

Fabryka Zieleni had lost a final on penalties for the second year in a row. They had the dubious honour of being unbeaten in 16 games at 2 x tournaments but yet to win a title! Our sincere commiserations to them.

Our congratulations go to Big Time Krakow on their second victory at the second attempt. They became the 5th team in our history to win their first two tournaments a superb achievement.

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