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The third ever Amsterdam Sixes Plate Final would be contested by Shamrock Football Club and Team Tapas. Let's have a look at the two teams' form today:

Shamrock Football Club

Played 6: Won 2, drawn 1, lost 3.

Goal difference: -5 (11-16)

Top goalscorer: Lewis Ball (4), Fraser Butler (4)

Unbeaten Run: 1

Clean Sheets: 0

Previous best: Cup Sem-Final, 2017 Amsterdam Sixes

Team Tapas

Played 6: Won 3, drawn 1, lost 2.

Goal difference: +8 (16-8)

Top goalscorer: Miguel Silva (5)

Unbeaten Run: 2

Clean Sheets: 2

Previous best: Debut.

Statistically, it looked like Team Tapas were the team to beat but they had lost a few players before the final and so this would take a great effort for them to maintain their form.


With the game underway it was Team Tapas who took the initial advantage they took the lead through Pedro Mans. It was a lead that the Amsterdam-based team would keep until the half-time break.

Could Shamrock Football Club get back into the game in the second half? The quick answer to that was yes as Lewis Ball struck his fifth goal of the tournament. At 1-1 the game was back in the balance but Team Tapas managed to get back in front. Manuel Doncez was the man with the goal and it proved to be the winning goal. Final score, 2-1.

For Shamrock Football Club it was disappointment to fall just short. For now they had to be content with Runners-Up medals but we hoped we would see them again at the event for another crack at the title.

We leave the Plate competition for today though by celebrating our winners. We offer huge congratulations to Team Tapas!

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