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The first Cup semi-final was one of the matches of the tournament as Padernesne of Portugal met Scotland 's Eastwood High. Padernesne went into the game as favourites with the best record of all teams in the group stages.

Eastwood High as the underdogs and one of the youngest squads in the tournament carried the vast majority of the neutral support in a red-hot atmosphere in front of the main gallery on pitch A. The game went with form in the early stages as Daniella and Lucia put the Portuguese side 2-0 up.

Eastwood High had terrific spirit and would not give the match up and gave it everything. They then managed something that no other team had previously managed – to beat the Portuguese ‘keeper. Michelle Gourlay sent the watching galleries crazy as she slotted home to bring the score back to 2-1. A goal that surely received the biggest cheer of the day. Momentum was now with Eastwood and was this the start of a monumental fightback?

Sadly not as Padernesne regained control of the game and sealed victory when Bela put them 3-1 up. A brave, brave effort from Eastwood High but it was not to be on this occasion as Padernesne claimed the first berth in the Cup Final.

Semi final two was equally dramatic with Group B victors Godalming Greens entertaining Womblettes. In the closest of all the semi-finals this game always looked destined to be sparked by one piece of magic. The two teams were very evenly matched and as the tension grew a few niggles entered the game. After regulation time the teams could not be separated at 1-1 and extra time beckoned. The goals predictably scored by Alice Sugden (7 th of the tournament) for Godalming Greens and by Thea Carroll (9 th of the tournament) for Womblettes.

Extra time of 3 minutes each way with the promise of penalties at the end began. Extra time at the Albufeira Fives is sudden-death golden goal and there wan no margin for error now. Fortunately it was good play and not a mistake that decided this clash of titans. Thea Carroll scoring the golden goal to earn the right for Womblettes to play Padernesne in the final for the Albufeira Fives trophy. Amazingly, this was Thea Carroll's 10 th goal of the tournament becoming only the second player in history to achieve a double figures tally. Congratulations to Thea.

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