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The 2010 Krakow Trophy Final would see two teams making their first eurofootballfives.com finals. For Hutnik there was added pressure as they were aiming to become the first Polish team to win this tournament. Could they make their nation proud?

Standing in their way were Pimp My Side FC who were hoping to add their name to the Krakow Honours board alongside Northern Monkeys, Red Light Runners and Rigford Seahawks. Would glory await them?

The two teams proved evenly matched and the first half came and went with little to split the sides. Goalmouth opportunities were few and far between as both team defences were organized and solid leaving their opponents with just speculative efforts that the goalkeepers were more than able to keep out.

The game very much looked like it was heading to penalties and if it had would have been the third final in 20 tournaments to go the distance. There was to be one man who would make a difference though and score the goal that would claim the gold medals for his side. Just as he had done so in the semi-final, Azmatys Jacek stepped up in the second half of a tight game to propel his team to glory.

The goal came late leaving little time for Pimp My Side FC to respond and in the end the clock as well as Hutnik ended their dreams of glory. As the final whistle blew for the end of the 2010 Krakow Trophy it was Hutnik who were triumphant and Pimp My Side FC a valiant and creditable second.

Congratulations to both teams on a tense and absorbing final and thank you to all teams for making the tournament a success. A great night out was had by all courtesy of strong Polish beer and a private viewing of the Champions League final. Some heavy heads and legs next morning but no doubt but worth it on another great tour!

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