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We were at the 2014 Berlin Fives Cup Semi-Finals stage and from the 20 teams who signed up for the tournament we were down to the final 4 as the stakes got higher and higher.


First up were Multiple Scoregasms against Hasanheide Hotspur. Multiple Scoregasms had been late disappointment in the Group Phase behind them to produce a stunning win over Grant Thornton in the previous round. It was a result that told the other remaining teams they meant business in this competition.


For Hasanheide Hotspur it was a chance to register their finest finish to date. They reached this same stage last year before exiting at the hands of France's Luminy Wolves. With the game underway it was clear for all to see that it was going to be a tough ask to pick a winner. Half-time came and went with the teams locked together at 0-0.


The second half was progressing in much the same fashion and it looked like we would need Golden Goal extra time to separate the teams. As it turned out we wouldn't need an official Golden Goal but the decisive strike was scored so late that's what it proved to be. Eamonn O'Neill scored with virtually the last kick of the game to send Hasanheide Hotspur through and break Scoregasms hearts.


It was the end of the road for Multiple Scoregasms today but it was an impressive performance and debut. They showed that there was very little between them and a Cup Final. On another day and with a bit of luck it could have been them going through.


So, who would take their place in the Final from the second Semi-Final? The two teams set to do battle were Frank Hirth A and Frank Hirth B – a grudge match.


It is not often teams from the same club meet in eurofootballfives competition but when they do it often has a strange atmosphere – sometimes the games can lack a little intensity or sometimes the games can have a bit too much intensity with players determined not to lose to their tour-mates. One thing was for sure that Frank Hirth would have a team in the Cup Final.


If there was any doubt that the travelling group had split their teams on an even basis or with a hierarchical “A” and “B” squad I think the jury would rest with the former. There was absolutely nothing to split the teams at half-time (0-0) and full-time (1-1). In the second half goals from Jamie Spriddle (A) and Mark Funnell (B) cancelled each other out.


How would we settle this? Would we need Golden Goal extra time? Would we need penalties? How about a Golden Goal penalty! I think the penalty decision could only be described as “stonewall” and Dan Spackman stepped up for the spot kick. Imagine the pressure – score and become a hero, miss and have to go back to work and face the banter for a long long time. He confidently converted the penalty and the “A” team won the battle of Frank Hirth.

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