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The Wooden Spoon was a chance for those teams who had finished their groups in 5th place to have a shot at redemption, a second chance and a chance to prolong their Berlin Fives experience.


To kick us off on Pitch A we had the El Dude Brothers versus Friedrichschain Rovers. The El Dude Brothers could consider themselves unlucky to be here and not in a higher competition as with two draws and one a sensational result against Luminy Wolves they would be ruing two narrow 1-0 defeats in a tight group. On paper, The El Dude Brothers looked the favourites.


Friedrichschain could point to a very tough group for their 5th place finish with ABC United and GFC Transylvania running riot plus Team Geek who were eating up the Plate .


The game was set-up nicely and it was El Dude Brothers who had the better of the early exchanges and they opened up a nice 3-1 lead at half-time as Matt Crane scored his first of the day and Dave Hill took his personal tally to 3. Richard Greenwell was doing ok for Friedrichschain Rovers and his third of the day kept them in the hunt.


Matt Crane's second of the game after the break ended any hopes of a Rovers comeback and El Dude Brothers had won their first game of the day. They were unbeaten in 3 games….not bad for a supposed Wooden Spoon team.


We'd like to thank Friedrichschain Rovers who entered the tournament under difficult circumstances losing a team-mate only a few weeks before the event. Best wishes to all.


The second Semi-Final was an encounter between Moorsie's Marvels and No Janesy No. The latter of these two sides had enjoyed the better of the results in the group stage but Moorsie's Marvels had so far put in a strong nomination for celebration of the day (if we had such an award).


No Janesy No had no points to show for their efforts but had suffered a couple of narrow defeats and may well have thought their efforts merited some points in the group phase. That was then, this was now and the Wooden Spoon was their last chance to gain such reward. No Janesy No forged ahead 2-0 at half-time as Daniel Hosking scored for the second game running and Steve Quigley bagged a first of the day.


Moorsie's Marvels scored their second goal of the day in the second half through Anthony Butler – the celebrations were not quite as euphoric but scoring was now old hat, what's all the fuss about? The goal did not help them get back into the game though as a Fred Drabble double rounded off a 4-1 win. It would be No Janesy No who emerged victorious from the battle of the stag weekends.

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