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ADP Dream Team (Spa)


With the Trophy Play-Off finished we now knew the full Quarter-Final draw for our third tier competition. ADP Dream Team had picked up their first win of the day to make this stage and their “reward” was a game against Rapid Bosco Navas.

Rapid Bosco Navas would certainly be favourites as they were Cup winners here in 2008 and had never failed to qualify for the Cup until today. They were the highest ranked of all the Trophy qualifiers. Therefore, a game against the lowest ranked team in the group phase looked a formality.

It certainly wasn't. The win for ADP Dream Team had awoken them and they were playing much better. The improved performance could not prevent them slipping behind in the first half to Juan Martinez's third goal of the day.

ADP Dream Team battled hard but could not find the equalizer. Rapid Bosco Navas were unable to find a second though and so the game was delicately poised at 1-0 right until the very end. Rapid Bosco Navas won 1-0 and it was time to bid a fond farewell to ADP Dream Team.

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