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From the 25 original teams we were down to the final four with just teams from England and Northern Ireland left. This was a big shift from 2011 when we had 4 Spanish teams at the Semi-Final stage. We had a very strong international challenge here in 2013.


The first Cup Semi-Final would be contested by Sporting Gingham and Melee FC. The two teams had enjoyed a successful day so far and if they could grab one more victory they had a European Cup Final to look forward to.


It was Melee FC who drew first blood in this contest as David Stothard who put his team ahead. It was a lead they maintained right up until the break. Could Sporting Gingham put in one more effort to keep the day going and avoid leaving the competition?


The first goal of the game in these contests is often so crucial as it gives the leading team something to defend. The trailing team have to put extra emphasis on attack and will inevitably leave gaps at the back as they push for a winner. The leading team can then exploit that and kill the game off. It could be argued this happened here as Chris Pilsbury doubled Melee FC's lead and sealed a 2-0 victory.


It was time to bid farewell on the day to Sporting Gingham – a sensational debut and one that surpassed their own expectations we suspect (based upon their comments in the pub on the eve of the tournament). Thanks to Joe Humpreys for organizing the troops and see you again soon.


The second Semi-Final promised to be an intriguing clash between Los Swallacticos and El Combe Old Boys. Los Swallacticos had returned to winning ways against Team Maverick in the Quarter-Finals and had 4 wins out of 5 to their name. El Combe Old Boys were still unbeaten and the only unbeaten team still left in the tournament.


It was Los Swallacticos who hit the front first as Barry O'Neil scored his fourth goal of the tournament. It was the first goal Andy Gartshore had conceded in three games and the first time El Combe Old Boys have been behind. Could they respond?


Not before half-time was the question as we reached the interval at 1-0. In the second half Andy Hampshire's 6th goal of the tournament was outshone by a Kevin Niblock double as Los Swallacticos completed a 3-1 win.


It was a deserved win for the team from Northern Ireland as El Combe Old Boys conceded they had run out of legs, a few injuries, the previousl night's boozing and just the one sub had contributed to them running out of steam. El Combe have already asserted their interest in returning next year and, as always, will be great to see them.


Los Swallacticos had a Cup Final to prepare for…

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