Magic Monkey FC (Eng)




Anglo Knights (Spa)


Twelve teams came to do battle at the 2010 Barcelona Fives, two remained. Anglo Knights and Magic Monkeys FC.


Anglo Knights were now just one game away from being the first team in history to retain their title. Many have tried, all have failed. Magic Monkeys were the team that stood in their way.


We were treated to a game that was worthy of a final. We had everything tension, feistyness, drama, a saved penalty and even a goalkeeper ending up in the back of the net and taking the net and the goal frame down with him. Everyone that was witness to the final watched a great spectacle and whilst we did not have a flurry of goals that did not seem to matter.


The teams reached half-time at 0-0 but it was entertaining and enthralling. Given their superb record in penalty shoot-outs (3 wins in 3) including last year's final you may have thought Anglo Knights were holding on to win. That was not the case though as both teams pushed forward but the defences were just keeping their clean sheets in tact.


In the second half the stakes were raised and with time running out it increasingly looked like one goal was going to win it. Szeliga saved a penalty and after some pushing and shoving in the penalty area he had to pick himself out of the net. He referee calmed nerves and we kept 5 v 5 on the pitch.


England had beaten Spain in the Plate Final and we were to have a double England victory (are you watching Fabio Capello et al???). Russell Chopping stepped up with his sixth goal of the tournament that ended Anglo Knights hopes of retaining their title. The opportunity to successfully defend a trophy would now be in the charge of Magic Monkeys FC who we hope to see back in Barcelona for the 2011 tournament. At the full time whistle the watching crowds got to their feet for a warm applause at the two team's efforts. After the opponents had shook hands it was party time for the Magic Monkeys FC.


The winners of the 2010 Barcelona Fives Magic Monkeys FC.

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