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Big Time Krakow (Pol)

Big Time Krakow (Pol) won 4-3 on penalties.


So, with 35 games under our belts we had just one more to go to decide the winners of the 2017 Krakow Trophy. We had a great final in store and a fantastic crowd assembled by Pitch B to watch the game and see who would be crowned champions.

The Final would be contested by Big Time Krakow and GSF Drunkerz. Big Time Krakow were on debut so they were breaking new ground here today. GSF Drunkerz had experience in these tournaments before – they won the 2015 Bratislava Fives. This was GSF Drunkerz's second year at the Krakow Trophy and they were still unbeaten (in normal time). It was a run of 12 games in total in Krakow and 15 games in competition dating back to the 2015 Bratislava Fives.

With the Cup Final underway it was a cagey opening. Both teams were testing each other out but there was little in the way of goalmouth action. Big Time Krakow had the best chance early on with a free-kick that went just wide. Daniel Tonev then had a shot that was well saved by Miroslav Saga. Big Time Krakow were on the front foot with more territory, more possession and more shots but GSF were pretty comfortable. They were seemingly happy to be patient and wait for their opportunity. That opportunity came just before half-time when Michal Horniak had GSF's best effort. His effort went wide and 0-0 was arguably a fair result at half-time.

The second half began in equally cagey fashion. A quarter of the way through and the first real chance of the half went to Peter Cieker who struck over the bar. Then Daniel Tonev had a one-on-one with the goalkeeper but Saga was up to it. It was hard to pick a winner at this stage.

Midway through the second period Miroslav Saga came forward to shoot from distance. His deflected effort fell at the feet of Peter Cieker but Richard van Gerrevink made a superb close range save. It was the best chance of the game so far. Martin Volek then beat two defenders and struck a shot against the post for GSF Drunkerz as the Slovakians were enjoying a good spell and growing in confidence. The GSF Drunkerz tactic seemed to be to employ their goalkeeper as a sweeper. Then, as Big Time Krakow backed off Miroslav Saga would come out to half-way and then shoot low from distance. They then hoped to score direct or pick up the pieces from any deflections.

The tactic was showing signs it could work and GSF Drunkerz were beginning to get on top. Michal Horniak had a chance from one rebound but missed the target. The tactic then almost backfired as Saga was caught in possession but as Big Time Krakow looked to have a 2-on-1 Saga recovered to make a last ditch tackle. This seemed to swing the match back in favour of Big Time Krakow as Carlos Diaz and Daniel Tonev then had opportunities. Miroslav Saga saved both efforts.

The full-time whistle went and penalties would decide the 2017 Krakow Trophy title. Big Time Krakow had already won one penalty shoot-out today. GSF Drunkerz went out on penalties 12 months ago in the Cup Quarter-Finals. Big Time Krakow would shoot first…


Stanimir Ribarov stepped up first and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way for 1-0. Miroslav Saga went from goalkeeper to penalty taker as he struck GSF Drunkerz's first spot kick. He scuffed the penalty slightly but it was right in the corner and we were level at 1-1.

Adrian Paz was the next man up for Big Time Krakow. Saga went the right way and got fingertips to the penalty but was unable to keep it out, 2-1. Josef Virdzek was the second man to shoot for GSF Drunkerz. He went to the goalkeeper's right and we were level at 2-2.

Carlos Diaz was the fifth man on the spot and the fifth man to score as he struck it with pace to the bottom corner. Martin Volek had huge pressure on him to keep the shoot-out going as he stepped up. It was central and slightly to the left but he'd sent van Gerrewink the wrong way and we were level again.

Big Time Krakow had taken and scored 9 penalties today. Daniel Tonev was the next man up. He scored a sensational pen earlier in the day but this one went low and down the middle – Saga saved. It was advantage GSF Drunkerz and their second title was in sight. Jakub Mihalik was the man who had the honour but he saw his penalty crash into the bar and bounce out. So close for GSF Drunkerz but Big Time Krakow had a reprieve.

Jeoffrey Cottens was up next for Big Time Krakow. Normal service was resumed as he put the penalty into the top right hand corner. Michal Horniak came forward for GSF Drunkerz. Their last penalty was to win the tournament, this one was to stay in it. Horniak hit it hard, high and straight down the middle. Richard van Gerrevink was the hero for Big Time Krakow as he made the save – Big Time Krakow had won it! Huge congratulations to them.

Our commiserations go to GSF Drunkerz who were runners-up. They had played in the Krakow Trophy twice – were undefeated (in normal time) but somehow had not been crowned champions. An incredible stat.

There was also individual success for Nacho Mochales of Krakowcaine who claimed the day's Top Goalscorer award with 8 goals. Well done to you.

We send our congratulations to all the teams who participated in what was a great day's competition. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

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