JNJ Turkey retain their title in Latvia!

The 2019 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament was a historic tournament as JNJ Turkey became the first team in the 8 year history of the event to retain the title. They also became the third team to win the title for a second time (following in the footsteps of JNJ Russia and Switzerland's Cilag Team).

They had a tough run to glory in this year's event as they finished second in their group before a massive 2-1 win in the Quarter-Finals over JNJ Russia. They were pushed again in the Semi-Finals by Janssen Portugal but progressed 2-1. It was also 2-1 in the Cup Final versus Belgium's Klopp 'N Co before they ran out 3-1 victors. Congratulations to JNJ Turkey on a hard fought title.

In the Plate competition it was a closed shop for Scandanavia. It was Nordic Vikings 2.0 versus Nordic Vikings. Both teams would collect medals in the presentation but it was Nordic Vikings 2.0 who collected the winners medals and the trophy.

Personal honours went to Nordic Viking's Markus Johansson who scored a stunning 17 goals on the day. Very well done to him - a record at the JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament.

A big thank you to all 17 teams for what was a superb weekend. See you all soon.


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