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JNJ Turkey (Tur)


After 53 games of football all eyes were on Pitch A for the climax of The 2019 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament Cup Final. The two teams set to do battle for the honour and glory of victory were JNJ Turkey (Turkey) versus Klopp ‘N Co (Belgium).

Let us have a quick look at the two teams:

JNJ Turkey (Tur)

Played 6: Won 5, drawn 1, lost 0.

Goal difference: +26 (31-5)

Top goalscorer: Serkan Kardesler (13)

Unbeaten Run: 9 (7 wins, 2 draws – dating back to 2018 group phase)

Clean Sheets: 2

Previous Honours: 2017 Runners-Up, 2018 Champions.

Serkan Kardesler top scorer (2017), Edip Efe top scorer (2018)

Bidding to become the third team to win 2x JNJ Euro Soccer Tournaments.

Bidding to become the first team to retain the title.

Best defence in the tournament to date.


Klopp ‘N Co (Bel):

Played 6: Won 5, drawn 1, lost 0.

Goal difference: +33 (39-6)

Top goalscorer: Jeroen Vos (11)

Unbeaten Run: 11 (7 wins, 4 draws – dating back to 2018 group phase)

Clean Sheets: 2

Previous Honours: 2017 Cup Semi-Final, 2018 Plate Champions.

Bidding to become the 6 th different nation to win the event.

Top scoring team in the tournament to date.

I don't think there was any doubt that we had the correct two teams in the Cup Final – the statistics supported the fact if you looked at goal difference in particular. They had the best goal differences in the tournament. These teams were 2 of the 3 top scoring teams in the tournament and boasted two of the best four defences in the tournament.


As you can see there was very little to choose between the two teams. It was a very even contest and there wasn't too much goal mouth action in the first half. The two teams were showing exactly how strong defensively they were. JNJ Turkey probably had more of the territory and possession but Klopp ‘N Co posed a threat on the break. Klopp ‘N Co were the closest to scoring when Joren Mertens was inches away from converting a driven ball across the 6 yard box.

Klopp ‘No Co had the first chance of the second half with Yoram Bobon firing over the top. JNJ Turkey went straight up the other end and opened the scoring. Serkan Kardesler was through on goal with just one defender and goalkeeper ahead of him – he sent both the wrong way to apply the finish, 1-0. Serkan Kardesler then hit the cross bar for Turkey but they did not have to wait too much longer to extend the lead. Edip Efe struck it into the bottom left corner for 2-0.

Was it all over? You could be forgiven for thinking so but Klopp ‘No Co then won a penalty and it was game on again. Bert Meeus was the man to take it – the goalkeeper went the right way but the penalty was too good and it was 2-1.

The game was over soon after though with a curious goal. Kartal Mustafa Yalcinkaya took a throw in that took a slight deflection off a Belgian defender and crept into the net at the near post for 3-1. It was a strange goal but opened the lead up to two goals again and crushed the momentum of a Klopp ‘N Co comeback.

When the final whistle was blown JNJ Turkey celebrated in style – they had been made to work hard for this victory with close fought wins over Russia, Portugal and Belgium in the knock-out phase.

Many, many congratulations to JNJ Turkey – 2019 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament Champions!

We offer our consolations to Klopp ‘N Co who had another strong day in the tournament and could not have come much closer to glory. They were the crowd favourites today.

Thank you to all the teams who competed and we look forward to seeing you in 2020….wherever that may be!

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