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After 35 games of football we came down to the most important of them all. Game 36 – The 2013 JNJ Euro Soccer Tournament Cup Final. With six games of football already under their belt the two teams would need to summon one last burst of energy to ensure they would be picking up winners and not runners-up medals in the presentation.


We were treated to a game that was worthy of a final. The best thing about the final was that as the two teams took to the field it was a 50/50 guess on who would come out on top. Both teams had reached the final showing a great deal of quality and determination to reach this stage. Both teams were unbeaten throughout the day so there really was very little to choose. We don't think anyone could deny we had the best two teams in the Cup Final.


These two teams did have a little bit of history as JNJ High Wycombe defeated JNJ Russia A 3-1 in the Cup Quarter-Finals in Prague last year. Would we get a repeat or would JNJ Russia enact the ultimate revenge?


There was a cracking atmosphere pitch-side with all the other teams and spectators lining the touchlines to watch these two teams in action. The first big chance of the Final fell to Alex Woodger who placed it narrowly wide when put through one-on-one with the Russian goalkeeper. It was then the turn of Andrey Sheremetyev to sting the palms of the High Wycombe goalkeeper.


We were then treated to the first goal of the game as Artem Khodas slid in a cross from close range timing his run to perfection to beat two High Wycombe defenders and give the goalkeeper no chance. JNJ High Wycombe A had fallen behind in their last two games and recovered to claim victory. They would need to do it a third time to claim the title.


Immediately after the goal JNJ Russia enjoyed a period of possession, slowing the game down and trying to kill off their opposition but JNJ High Wycombe were almost level when Alex Parkinson struck the bar from distance. They were almost level but then disaster for JNJ High Wycombe as their goalkeeper, playing sweeper, misplaced a pass and Andrey Sheremetyev stole in to win possession and slot home with the goalkeeper out of position. 2-0 was a big lead in a Cup Final like this.


JNJ High Wycombe were working their way back into the game towards the end of the first half but the Russians were coping well with everything that was thrown at them – they had only conceded one goal all day! JNJ Russia were almost out of sight as they came close to making it 3-0 on stroke of half time but Paul Lynch made a good save one on one, with his legs, from Artem Khodas.


JNJ High Wycombe started the second half much the quicker (as they needed to) but a sublime goal from Artem Khosas (his 13th of the day) lobbed over Paul Lynch looked to have clinched things. If it wasn't all over at 3-0 then, at 4-0 shortly after, it surely was. A good move on the right was finished by Valery Shumov stroking the ball into the net.


It was hard work for JNJ High Wycombe to keep their heads up and keep going especially when Vladimir Doroshenkov wrapped things up at 5-0 and JNJ Russia A were marching to the title. Chants of “Russ-i-a” rang out from the sidelines.


We offer our consolations to JNJ High Wycombe Warriors who came so close to glory but had to settle for 2nd place again. 3rd time lucky next time out?


Our congratulations go to JNJ Russia A – worthy 2013 Euro Soccer Tournament Champions! We hope to see you all again at a tournament very soon.

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