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Deportivo Dooradoyle (Ire)


Rigford Seahawks Omega's reward for Quarter-Final victory was a Semi-Final tie against the Brighton and Hove Rockets. The Seahawks came into the game on the back of a fine 5-0 victory. The Rockets themselves had a pretty fantastic journey to arrive at this stage when they were bottom by 5 points in Group A before finishing strongly with two successive wins to storm to 4th place. Both teams would no doubt come into the game with confidence and high hopes of reaching the Plate final. The two teams each finished 4 th in their group so should be well matched.


Both teams had played in the 2009 Krakow Trophy but had managed to avoid each other during that tournament. Brighton & Hove Rockets reached the Plate final on that occasion but would not do so here. This is because Rigford Seahawks Omega had put in another quality display. By half-time they had established a 2-1 lead as Rich Clements and Tom Hallam scored the goals that put them in command of this fixture. Joe Latimer's 4th goal of the day kept Brighton & Hove Rockets in the hunt and within touching distance of their opponents.


The fourth goal in this match proved decisive though would it be Brighton & Hove Rockets to take the game into a penalty shoot-out or would it be the Seahawks to seal the deal. It was Clark Brady who steered the ball home and with it he had earned his side a place in the 2011 Amsterdam Fives Plate Final.


The second Semi-Final was an encounter between Dutch team CEPL and Irish team Deportivo Dooradoyle. CEPL had finished 5th in Group A and due to the Blurry Eyed Winks withdrawal had earned a bye to the Semi-Final stage. Would this be a benefit having had some extra rest or a curse by knocking them out of their stride. Only time would tell.


Deportivo Dooradoyle had been in action and their Semi-Final win gave them some momentum going into this fixture. At half-time we were no closer to finding out which of the two teams would progress. The teams were locked together at 1-1 thanks to Mailo Brown's goal for CEPL and Mike Kelliher's goal for Deportivo.


This Semi-Final was up for grabs and it looked like Deportivo would take the second place in the Final when they went 2-1 up thanks to Keith Lynch. As with the first Semi-Final the fourth goal of the game would prove decisive and once again it was the team in the lead who scored it. The goal came from Mike Kelliher, his 7th of the day, and the 3-1 victory was complete.


We sadly had to say farewell to CEPL on this occasion but they have made plans to participate in the 2011 Valencia Fives so we look forward to seeing them then.


Deportivo Dooradoyle would progress and they would meet Rigford Seahawks Omega in the Plate Final.

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