Dark Horses (Eng)




CUGO (Sco)


The 2010 Amsterdam Fives Plate Final would see a rematch of the Group A encounter of Dark Horses versus CUGO. On that occasion CUGO won 3-1 and finished 6 points clear of their opponents in the Group table.


They went into the game as favourites and lived up to their billing as Neil Sounness put them 1-0 up. CUGO went 1-0 down in their 3-1 win earlier in the day so this goal meant 4 goals without reply against the Dark Horses and the momentum was certainly in Scotland 's favour. Dark Horses were not to be beaten though as Richard Walker claimed the goal that brought his team level at 1-1. This was not to be the end of the scoring in an open and entertaining first half as Chris Bunclark scored the best goal of the game as he drilled a left foot piledriver into the bottom left hand corner of the keeper's net.


The goal put Dark Horses 2-1 up at the break and they had come from behind in an exact role reversal of the group game. In the exact mirror image of the group game Neil Randell made the final score 3-1 to sow up the title for the Dark Horses. It was a fantastic performance and a fantastic achievement.


There was also personal glory for Dark Horses captain Richard Walker who claimed the Top Goalscorer trophy with a grand total of 8 goals.


Commiserations to CUGO – we look forward to seeing you in action again soon and we can definitely see this squad winning silverware before too long.


Ladies and gentleman, we present you with the 2010 Amsterdam Fives Plate Winners…


….. Dark Horses.

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