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Guayaquil 100% (Ecu)




Midway Northerners (Eng)


As the 2011 Mallorca Tournament Cup Semi-Finals were about to get underway we were down to the elite 4 teams in the tournament representing 3 proud nations - Ecuador, England and Spain.

Let's start, as we so often do, on Pitch A with Group A winners Policia Local de Palma of Spain taking on Group B runners-up Scorgasm FC of England. With the exception of one blip against the CSF, Policia had looked strong all day and whilst they had not really blown any teams away they had consistently ground out the results they needed. Could they do it against a Scorgasm FC team who were on the up and up having won their last two games to storm into the Cup.

The first-half of this Cup Semi-Final certainly went in the favour of Policia Local de Palma even though there was little between the two teams in terms of performance. The opening period hinged on two defining moments. The first was a free kick just outside the box. We were lined up behind Rafa Rafa the free-kick taker and from where we were the Scorgasm FC wall seemed to have their goal defended and the angle of run-up looked like the ball would go high and wide. Rafa Rafa put us in our place though as one of his colleagues disrupted the wall the crisply struck shot nestled in the top corner.

The second moment was more controversial as Policia de Palma attacked down the left wing and as Scorgasm FC claimed the ball went out of play Pedro Javier Inaresos Garcia played on to make it 2-0. The Scorgasm FC claims were confident ones and they seemed convinced although we were unable to tell as the pitch-side wall blocked our view of the touchline. Policia Local de Palma didn't really care though as they led 2-0.

Was there a way back for Scorgasm FC? Joe Dolling gave them hope in the second half making it 2-1 but ultimately the two goal deficit was just too much for them and time ran out on Scorgasm FC in this match and as a result their 2011 Mallorca Tournament challenge. Our commiserations go to Scorgasm FC and good luck in your next tournament campaign. There were signs a European trophy could well be hitting your cabinet sometime soon. For Policial Local de Palma the Cup Final beckoned.


So, who would meet Policia Local de Palma in the final? It was Ecuador's Guayaquil 100%, winners of Group B, taking on England's Midway Northerners.


Momentum in these tournaments goes a long way and Quayaquil 100% had bundles of it having won their last four games and scoring 16 goals in those games. Midway Northerners were on a high though with a remarkable leap from 5 th place to the Cup in their final group game.


At this stage of a tournament the first goals in games are crucial and can often be decisive. In this fixture it was to be Quayaquil 100% who drew first blood and it was maybe no surprise that it was Piero Zapata who scored it with his 9 th of the tournament. It was a lead they were to hold until half-time.


Midway Northerners FC had the next half of football to maintain their presence in the 2011 Mallorca Tournament and they carried the hopes of the English nation on their shoulders. They fought back well and were always in contention for a place in the final as Quayaquil 100% never got away from them. Their performance saw the reward of a Michael Cullen goal but it was not quite enough to see them to extra time as Joel Cuedillos scored the match-winning strike to see the Ecuador team into the final 2-1.


The strike partnership of Zapata and Cuedillos had now netted some 17 goals between them in the competition so far. Could this be the tournament winning partnership? We would have to wait and find out.


We sadly had to say goodbye to Midway Northerners and the two Midway FC squads had been a joy to host at the tournament. They have already declared an interest to return to eurofootballfives action next season we look forward to seeing them then.

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