Big Time Krakow (Pol)




Mngball FC (Eng)


The first final of the day would see Big Time Krakow versus Mngball FC. These two teams would need to summon one last burst of energy to ensure they would be picking up winners and not runners-up medals in the presentation.

Let's look at the two teams records:

Big Time Krakow (Pol)

Best appearance to date: 2017 champions, 2019 Gdansk Tournament champions.

Record today: Played 6, Won 3, Drawn 2, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 5-3 (+2)

Current unbeaten run: 2 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Ola Haukland (2)

Clean sheets: 4

Mngball FC (Eng)

Best appearance to date:Debut

Record today: Played 6, Won 4, Drawn 0, Lost 2.

Goal difference today: 15-7 (+8)

Current unbeaten run: 3 games.

Today's top goalscorer: James Evans (7)

Clean sheets: 2

These two teams had met before earlier in the day. On that occasion Mngball FC emerged victorious with a fine 2-1 win. What is remarkable is that those two goals accounted for 67% of the goals conceded by Big Time Krakow in the entire tournament. Other than that, Big Time Krakow had kept 4 clean sheets and the other goal they conceded was an own goal. Mngball FC obviously found the formula earlier and would need to do so again.


For all their defensive expertise, it was up front where there was a question mark against Big Time Krakow. Just 5 goals in 6 games was probably the reason they were in the Plate and not the Cup but Kevin Jezequez found the goal scoring touch at just the right moment his first half strike put Big Time Krakow ahead. With their defensive ability a 1-0 lead was an important lead.

As the second half unfolded, the tension mounted, and the match remained tightly contested. Mngball FC had been prolific in front of goal today with 15 goals and they boasted the second highest scorer in the tournament with James Evans on 7. They were the third highest scoring team in the tournament and really needed to find another goal from somewhere to get back into this but Big Time Krakow's back line remained stubborn.

If Mngball FC had an uphill battle on their hands they had a mountain to climb when Kevin Jezequez doubled the lead for the Polish team. At 2-0 really had their work cut out to take this game to penalties let alone an outright victory. Ultimately, the goals proved elusive as Adrian Baranek completed an impressive 5th clean sheet in 7 games surely a shout for top goalkeeper of the tournament on statistics alone.

Mngball FC fought valiantly but it was not to be on this occasion. We'd like to thank them for attending and offer our commiserations for the Final. They could not have come much closer to glory. They earned runners-up medals in the presentation to cushion the blow and showed they had enough ability to win in the future.

Many congratulations to our winners Big Time Krakow. They could now boast the 2017 Krakow Trophy, the 2019 Gdansk Tournament and the 2023 Krakow Trophy Plate. They became the 12th team in our history to become Cup & Plate winners. A superb win for them and thoroughly deserved.

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