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Turn Down For Watford (Eng)

* Colonel Getafe (Eng) win 2-1 on penalties

After 35 games of football we came down to the big one. Game 36 – The 2023 Krakow Trophy Cup Final.

The two teams set to do battle for the honour of becoming champions were Colonel Getafe and Turn Down For Watford. Both teams were breaking new ground by getting this far and would achieve their personal best in a tournament. One of these teams, would be walking off with the coveted Krakow Trophy.

Let's have a look at the two team's record to preview the action:

Colonel Getafe (Eng)

Best appearance to date: Cup SF (2022 Amsterdam Sevens)

Record today: Played 6, Won 5, Drawn 1, Lost 0.

Goal difference today: 21-4 (+17)

Current unbeaten run: 6 games.

Today's top goalscorer: Oli Grossman (9)

Clean sheets: 2

Turn Down For Watford (Eng)

Best appearance to date: Plate Win (2022 Amsterdam Sevens)

Record today: Played 6, Won 5, Drawn 0, Lost 1.

Goal difference today: 15-4 (+9)

Current unbeaten run: 1 game.

Today's top goalscorer: Rich Lyons (4), Jase Opuku-Afriyie (4)

Clean sheets: 2

We might look at the group phase of the 2022 Amsterdam Sevens for a bit of a clue of how this match might pan out. The two teams were very evenly matched when they met in the Dutch capital with Colonel Getafe edging it 2-1.

The two teams treated us to a classic. The first half set the stage and although there were no goals there were opportunities. The teams changed ends level at 0-0 before an exhilarating second half.


The match continued with intensity after the break with Colonel Getafe drawing first blood. Joe Garvey scored in the very first game but not since…until now. The gauntlet had been laid down to Turn Down For Watford and they were up to the task. Rich Lyons became his team's top scorer with 5 goals as he equalized. The game was seemingly heading for penalties but Henry Hanifan scored late on and he looked like he'd won it for Colonel Getafe. Turn Down For Watford had other ideas. James Wood struck in the dying embers of the game to make it 2-2 and we would indeed need a penalty shoot-out to decide this.

Turn Down For Watford would take the first penalty. Rich Lyons was the man tasked with getting them off to a steady start but Alex Staggs tooka step to his left to parry away the strike. It was advantage to Colonel Getafe as Oli Grossman stepped up to the spot. He had 9 goals today but was unable to convert as Jasper Zarrindast dived to his left and reach out a hand to paw the strike away to safety. Next man up was James Wood who slotted his strike home for 1-0. Henry Hanifan then hit his penalty sweetly and it looked like it was heading into the postage stamp but it struck the corner where post met cross-bar and bounced away to safety.

Turn Down For Watford had victory in their sights. Ben Gregory had the chance to put his name in lights. He struck it firmly down the middle as Staggs dived to his right. The ball cleared the crossbar though and Colonel Getafe had a lifeline. The pressure shifted to Teddie Hanifan who needed to score to take this into sudden death. He feinted to go to his right, sat Zarrindast down and cooly rolled the ball into the bottom left. Michael Wilkes was the next cab off the rank for Turn Down For Watford. The penalty was struck down the middle again. This time Staggs stood his ground and parried the ball away for his second save in the shoot-out. Joe Garvey scored in normal time and now he had the opportunity to win the Krakow Trophy for his team. He went low and down the middle and as Zarrindast dived to his right the ball snuck between his trailing feet. Garvey must have had his heart in his mouth for a moment but it didn't matter as the ball hit the back of the net and Colonel Getafe were champions!

Both teams can take pride in their performances, as they showcased their abilities throughout the tournament and reached the pinnacle of the competition. The evenly matched nature of the final highlighted the strength and competitiveness of both teams. The final was played in a great spirit with good camaraderie between the two sides which continued into the post-tournament social.

We offer our consolations to Turn Down For Watford who were absolutely superb on the day and put in a stunning effort. From their debut in Alicante 2019 their results have got better every year. If they continue this trend they'll be champions next time!

Our congratulations for today though go to Colonel Getafe – 2023 Krakow Trophy Winners! It was a great victory – they showed what was possible in Amsterdam last year and they kicked on here in Krakow to take the Cup trophy and winners medals. We are sure this won't be their last title based on what we've seen in the last couple of years.

Thank you to all the teams who competed – it was a fantastic day. We hope to see you all again at another tournament very soon.

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