Brighton & Hove Rockets (Eng)




Borussia Dorchmen (Eng)


With the Czech and Polish semi-finalists dispatched, the two English victors now came head-to-head to decide who would collect the silver runners-up medals and who would lay their hands on the gold medals.


Brighton & Hove Rockets were the walking wounded heading into the final with various players suffering from knocks. They would have to put in one more sterling effort as they put in the final push for glory. Borussia Dorchmen were firing on all cylinders now though so this would be no easy task.


Borussia Dorchmen struck the all important first goal of the final. The goalscorer was Matt Cottrell, his first goal of the tournament. A one goal lead quickly became a two goal lead when Fergus Guppy struck. You could be forgiven for thinking this game was over but Brighton & Hove Rockets dug in and fought hard.


Their efforts were rewarded when Giles Collyer reduced the deficit to 2-1. Try as they might though the equalizer proved elusive and Borussia Dorchmen saw out the rest of the game to pick up their first silverware.


The 2009 Krakow Trophy Plate Winners Borussia Dorchmen.

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