The 2009 Barca Fives final would see England meet France. It is often said these two countries are enemies looking back through history in socio-economics and politics. England beat France on their way to World Cup Victory in 1966 and we only have to go back to Euro 2004 when France beat England 2-1 in the group stage. There have been friendlies since but no competitive games. Whilst this game was friendly in atmosphere and spirit it was certainly competitive on the field with both teams gunning for just one thing victory.

Goldsmith Williams were looking to win their 2nd tournament whereas Luminy Wolves were looking to taste glory at the first attempt. In a tournament where these two teams had scored 46 goals in their 10 games it was perhaps no surprise that when so much was at stake they tightened up. As hard as either team tried they could not break down the opposition.

0-0 at half-time became 0-0 at full-time. Golden goal extra time would still see no change to that scoreline. Both teams had fought hard and both teams admitted the game was pretty even. Whilst lacking goals the game did not lack atmosphere as the watching spectators had picked the team they wanted to win and cheered on their chosen team. The Bulgarians still smarting after their semi-final loss were clearly backing the English team for victory and with the noise and atmosphere that they create the French were doing well to compete and concentrate on the football in such a cauldron.

If the French wanted to win this tournament they would have to win their second penalty shoot-out in as many games. Goldsmith Williams would have to prove that not all English teams were hopeless at penalties to claim their second tournament. We had only ever seen one penalty shoot-put in a final before and that was at the 2009 Barcelona Fives just 5 months ago when Spanish team Anglo Knights defeated Bloomberg FC of England .

As they did in the semi-final, Luminy Wolves would kick first in the penalty shoot-out. The first 4 penalties were all successfully converted to keep us all level at 2-2. It was the turn of Cyril Garcia for Luminy Wolves and with the jeers of the Lozenetz airhorn ringing in ears he put his penalty wide. There was now a golden opportunity for Chris Williams to put this game to bed. The body language of the French team were that it was all over. Williams struck his penalty well but Cyril Garcia redeemed himself to dive to his right and beat the ball away. Gasps from the crowd but this final would play on.

Sudden death and this final was already an epic. What a fitting way to decide a great tournament with such drama. Mehdi Yousfi got us back on track by making it 3-2 with his penalty. It was then the turn of unfortunate Gary Dean who tried to emulate Garcia by becoming a penalty scoring goalkeeper (after Garcia's semi-final penalty). He stepped up with confidence and stuttered on his run-up to send the keeper the wrong way but sadly for him and Goldsmith Williams the penalty went the wrong side of the post. And with that the destination of the 2009 Barca Fives trophy was decided. The French supporters rushed on to congratulate and celebrate with each other whilst the Goldsmith Williams sunk to their knees in despair. They were visibly crestfallen and who can blame them after coming so close to the ultimate prize.

The winners of the 2009 Barca Fives Luminy Wolves.

After such a fiercely contested final it was great to see the two teams shake hands and congratulate each other once the referee blew his whistle for the last time of the day. As they left the pitch the teams were warmly met by all the supporters in congratulations and commiseration. It was an absolute joy to witness what was a great final and a fitting finale to a wonderful day's football.

Our congratulations to all the teams who participated and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon whether it be in Barcelona or one of our many other great tournament destinations.


Goldsmith Williams (Eng)



0 *

Luminy Wolves (Fra)

* Luminy Wolves won 3-2 on penalties

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