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The 2015 Bratislava Fives Plate Final was to be contested by two teams who had grown into this tournament. Today would see both St Paul's College Old Boys and Team Bear II pick up medals but who would take the winners medals and the coveted Plate trophy?

With five games down and one to go the teams would need to summon up one last effort to collect those winners medals. The teams were no strangers to European Finals with us and both were looking to register achievements over and beyond the Plate victory:

St Paul's College Old Boys had one appearance in a final – they won the 2014 Amsterdam Fives Plate courtesy of a penalty shoot-out. They were hoping to join an illustrious group of 5 teams with multiple Plate wins lead by the CSF with 4 victories over the years.

Team Bear II also had one appearance in a final and they also won it courtesy of a penalty shoot-out when they won the overall 2013 Budapest Fives. They could well be just the 4 th team to win both a Cup and a Plate competition at our events.

These two teams were on the pitch and ready to go and with St Paul's College Old Boys sizeable entourage cheering them on it was they who struck the first blow. James West with the goal that put them in the ascendency. James West was the hero again later in the half when he converted to make it 2-0.

2-0 down at the break and Team Bear II had it all to do and there was a good chance for Dave Hallmark to reduce the deficit but his effort went over the bar. A few minutes later the man they call Bucky made it 3-0 for St Paul's College Old Boys and it looked game over…or was it?

Chris Tanner banged in goal number 12 of the day for him – was that a consolation or was it game on? Any hopes for Team Bear II were soon extinguished when James West made it 4-1 and completed a hat-trick in the process. Mark Love then struck the post on the stroke of full-time but St Paul's College Old Boys would not care at all. The full time whistle sparked wild celebrations and the now customary team huddle and chanting.

St Paul's College Old Boys now had the 2014 Amsterdam Fives and the 2015 Bratislava Fives Plate wins on their footballing CV. Commiserations to Team Bear II who contributed much to this weekend and this tournament but, alas for them, it was not to be on this occasion.

Congratulations to today's Plate victors – St Paul's College Old Boys.

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