15 teams came to the 2009 Prague Masters looking for glory. Only two remained Goldsmith Williams and Lozenetz City . We were all set for a fantastic final and this was probably one of our most eagerly anticipated contests to date. No-one was left in the bar as everyone gathered around the touchlines to see this final unfold.

Goldsmith Williams were looking to become the first club to ever successfully defend a eurofootballfives.com trophy. Their semi-final win had given them a record of 13 games in eurofootballfives competition unbeaten. They had just beaten Scotland 's Red Light Runners who had 12 successive wins in 2008 (Krakow Trophy and Barca Fives) before losing in the unlucky 13 th in the 2008 Barca Fives final to Spain 's Rapid Bosco Navas. Goldsmith Williams would want to avoid emulating the Scots by losing their unbeaten run in a second final.

Lozenetz City were making their debut and had looked strong contenders throughout the day with some big wins and then grinding out results when they needed in two very close games against SK Zelenec. Not only did they have the skill but they had the ability to battle.

As well as the overall title at stake there was an interesting sub-plot developing for the 2009 Prague Masters Golden Boot trophy. Jiri Jindra of SK Zelenec currently topped the list with 13 goals. Craig Ralph (Goldsmith Williams) and Alexander Kyulev ( Lozenetz City ) were both sitting on 12 goals going into the final so we would keep our eyes on this situation too. A moment of personal glory as well as team glory up for grabs.

Both teams had a genuine chance of taking glory. The gathered spectators were treated to an incredible first half of goals, drama, controversy and tension. The game had barely begun when we saw our first goal. Goldsmith Williams broke forward and maybe Lozenetz were caught gold as Chris Williams took an early long-distance strike. The ball beat the keeper low down on his left hand post and nestled in the back of the net to put the English team 1-0 up. Goldsmith Williams, and those supporting them, went wild. We mentioned earlier in the report that first goals are crucial in deciding eurofootballfives.com matches so this goal put Goldsmiths Williams in charge.

Lozenetz City fought back hard and with the crowd getting more and more involved in the game the tension on the pitch grew and grew. Tackles flew in and the game became more and more physical. The referee remained strong to make sure the game did not spill over although there was plenty of verbals about. As the first half progressed Goldsmith Williams defended fairly comfortably as Lozenetz sought the equalizer.


It came as a little bit of a surprise when the Bulgarians scored an equalizer as half-time approached. One side of the pitch fell into stunned silence whilst the other went absolutely crackers. Bojidar Gorchev's 7 th of the tournament and most vital to date. 1-1 we thought at half-time but we were wrong. Soon after the restart the score was 2-1 and Lozenetz City had turned this game on it's head. Goldsmith Williams had barely had time to regroup after being pegged back when Vercislav Georgiev put his side 2-1. This time there were to be no further goals before the break.

The second half proved to be a scrappy affair as Lozenetz City broke the game up well to prevent their opponents gaining any rhythm. Goldsmith Williams struggled to find their form from earlier in the tournament as the tension and the drama grew. Chances were few and far between in the second half as time ran away but this game was not dead. In fact, Goldsmith Williams had a chance to equalize in the very last minute but saw their effort whistle past the post.

Time did run out in the end. At the final whistle the Bulgarian players and fans went nuts. They celebrated as if they had won the World Cup and those celebrations would continue long into the night.

Our commiserations to Goldsmith Williams who had come so close but like Red Light Runners had just come up short in their second final.

Big congratulations to our winners of the 2009 Prague Masters Lozenetz City .

The top goalscorer prize was also settled. With neither of the main contenders able to add to their tally in the final we say congratulations to Jiri Jindra of SK Zelenec.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the tournament and made it such a great day of competition. We ourselves will certainly remember the days drama for some time to come.

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon.


Goldsmith Williams (Eng)




Lozenetz City (Bul)


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