Uden Filter (Den)




Apolo Legends (Ned)

Humble Goats (Ned)




Foot 130 (Fra)


We were at the 2023 Amsterdam Sevens Cup Semi-Finals stage and from the 12 teams who signed up for the tournament we were down to the final 4. We had a team from Denmark, a team from France and two teams from the Netherlands including the Humble Goats looking to defend their crown.

The first Cup Semi-Final would be contested by Uden Filter and Apolo Legends. Uden Filter had been superb in Group A this morning. Following an opening draw they had rattled off 4 wins from 4 including defeating Foot 130, who had previously had a 100% record, in the Group A decider. Apolo Legends had secured their place in the Cup with a last gasp win against FNF on Tour. Statistically, Apolo Legends were the underdogs in the final four.

In the end, Uden Filter secured a convincing victory with a commanding scoreline of 3-0. Uden Filter took control of the game early on and managed to break the deadlock with a well-executed goal by Reda Mohamad. With this crucial goal, Uden Filter gained a 1-0 advantage heading into half-time.

The second half saw Uden Filter continue their attacking prowess and extended their lead further with two additional goals. Amier El Amier increased Uden Filter's lead to 2-0. The team's dominance was further reinforced when Mohammad Shabban Hussain scored a goal to make it 3-0. With this impressive performance, Uden Filter has secured their place in the Cup Final, where they will have the opportunity to vie for the 2023 Amsterdam Fives title. Their remarkable display in this match will undoubtedly boost their confidence and serve as a strong foundation for their pursuit of glory in the upcoming final. If they could reproduce this form, no-one would be surprised if they became champions.

The day was over for Apolo Legends. It was a great debut but the Danish team just proved too much on this occasion.


Humble Goats were looking impressive in the defence of their title as they took the Group B title with a 100% record. They were the highest ranked team after the group phase as a result and were yet to concede in the tournament.

They were up against Foot 130 in the second Cup Semi-Final. The French team boasted 4 wins from 4 and only a final game defeat against the Group A winners prevented them matching their opponents with a 100% record. Both teams had an identical goal difference (+10) whilst Foot 130 were the top scorers in the tournament with 12 goals so far.

In a thrilling encounter, Humble Goats secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory. The match showcased intense competition, with both teams displaying their determination to claim a spot in the final.

It was Foot 130 who struck first, as Marc Froget found the back of the net, giving his team a 1-0 lead. However, Humble Goats quickly responded to the setback and showcased their resilience. Mattheus Alves displayed his goal-scoring prowess by equalizing for Humble Goats. The match intensified as both teams fought fiercely to gain control. Humble Goats continued to press forward and, shortly before half-time, they managed to take the lead. Rafael Hernandez capitalized on an opportunity and slotted the ball into the net, putting Humble Goats 2-1 ahead.

The second half witnessed an intense battle as both teams fought tooth and nail to gain supremacy. Foot 130, eager to get back into the game, intensified their attacks and created several scoring opportunities. However, the Humble Goats' defence remained resolute. As the game reached its conclusion, neither team managed to alter the scoreline as Humble Goats reached the Cup Final in our events for the third time in three tournament appearances.

We had to say farewell to Foot 130 this final match should not take anything away from their efforts today. They won the Amsterdam Fives and reached the Cup Semi-Finals in the Sevens. A magnificent debut!

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